Fear Factory – Genexus (Album Review)

Being a massive fan of Fear Factory since I first heard “Soul of a New Machine“, this new album was high on my list of things I need to listen to. I was keen to hear how the progression of the band was going over the past few years after copping shit from the metal elitists since the release of Transgression, an album that saw massive changes in the band once again. Original drummer Raymond Herrera left and in his footsteps followed Christian Olde Wolblers. This album would be the first to have guitar solos and cover songs, most notably U2s ‘I Will Follow’.
Mechanize then saw Dino return and the unbelievable Gene Hoglan adorn the drum stool, finishing off would be Byron Stroud.
The Industrialist again had mixed reviews but saw the band return to the concept album form, but also only having album credits to Burton and Dino. The drumming was done via a drum machine which again divided the metal community.

So in 2015 Fear Factory release their new album – number nine for those playing along. Genexus… what is it like? I fucking love it… simple as that.
Opening up with Autonomous Combat System… menacing pianos… the machines have taken over, classic Fear Factory guitar tones – that groove Fear Factory is well known for. Burton’s voice is another weapon in their arsenal; his growl into the clean singing.

If it had been any other band people would have said they sold out, but this is Burton, pure and simple.

The riffs Dino has written are beautifully brutal, his picking is second to none, he is the spirit of Fear Factory.
Between them both they have crafted a bloody brilliant album (not to say that Bassist Tony Campos and Drummer Mike Heller) didn’t do a fantastic job but the material was written by Dino and Burton.

Highlights for me are Soul Hacker which has a What Will Become vibe to it reminiscent of the Digimortal era and Genexus, which has a Replica feel. I love all of the synth work in this album, it adds so much to the overall feel which again is classic Fear Factory.

Genexus has elements from their back catalogue for everyone to listen to and make the song theirs in their own way. Where will this stand up compared to the rest or should I say Demanufacture, which it will ultimately be compared to. In my opinion, there will never be a Demanufacture part 2 but Genexus comes bloody close to being it though. Inspirational, Atmospheric, Brilliant…

What can I say but Fear Factory have masterfully created something very special.

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Release Year: 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham