Geoff Tate- Operation Minecrime (Brisbane, QLD)

30 January 2020 at The Zoo

Once again I enter the Hellsoup that is Brisbane in late January & saunter up the stairs to The Zoo, the iconic live venue for which has in store this evening’s entertainment from Hardline Media. 

With two local supports beginning with Seraphic, symphonic metal fronted by the Crimson haired Goddess that is Sam Wolstenholme. Singing with her melodic style whilst fronting the band theatrically on keys, she is backed by the two guitarists Raouf & Patrick, with Michael on bass & Daniel on drums as the back bone of the band. A full sound with many influences they played through such numbers as their single The Monster Within & concluding with Final Act which echoed with similarities to Gregorian chants to Operatic highlights – to even resemblances to Kate Bush in some of the song structure. They were humbled by the experience to support Geoff Tate tonight & I am sure we will hear more from them in the future.

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Next were a personal favourite as I tend to like my metal a little darker & faster with Brisbane Thrashers Asylum. For such a young band their proficiency & musically tight performances always get the crowd pumping. And tonight was no different with Jimmy, Shane, Rob & Levi – consistent & bloody excellent as ever. Going through some classics with their first single Slaughterhouse & confirming there definitely will be an album this year playing a new track Tyranicide & popping in the head thrashing Silent Corrosion, just to name a few. If you haven’t seen Asylum, they have a number of gigs coming up, February sees them supporting Artillery & partaking in the Metal Battle for WACKEN & then in March supporting Earth Rot. Get out there & get THRASHED! \m/

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The anticipation was over, Geoff Tate performing the entire platinum concept album Operation Mindcrime, a solid 30 years after its release. And if the punters pre show comments & their reactions from the beginning were anything to go by, it was just like it was yesterday. Performing with wonderful international musicians who stepped in brilliantly for the supremely large shoes of the other members of Queensryche, the progressive metal concept was performed from woe to go with the audience singing along emphatically to each song. Geoff’s entrance was hailed by die hard fans, as his voice scaled & powered through the album. Revolution Calling began the nights flashback to when hair was as big as the soaring guitar solos & Geoffs presence. Still the showman with one of the most acclaimed set of vocal chords in the metal world, it was something to witness. Considering they have been touring this album for over 36 months, the excitement within the performers themselves was obvious & to the point Geoff stated & thanked the audience for “coming together to experience the music” as that’s when “magic” is created. Rocking through the album with a boundless applause, thinking that was enough – you were surely incorrect. After I Don’t Believe In Love, was hailed for its classic rock/metal ballad, yes we were gifted with an encore. Consisting of Best Man That I Can, then playing one of Geoffs personal favourites in Silent Lucidity & completing with Empire, it was an evening based on reminiscence & pounding true old school metal.  The man is a machine as he has Sydney tonight & Melbourne tomorrow. Out you go – you know you want to time travel & with music this is the portal.



Line-up: Geoff Tate, Asylum, Seraphic

Reviewer: Tina Summers