Ghost release music video for ‘Spillways’

Photo Credit: Jimmy Hubbard

From the pages of the gray lady to the silver screen… Ghost presents the phantasmagorical video for Spillways, rendering the irresistible earworm of IMPERA‘s latest single — a solid contender to continue the band’s streak of US Rock Radio #1s (IMPERA’s Call Me Little Sunshine and Hunter’s Moon bringing Ghost’s career total to five consecutive #1s) —  in majestic visual form courtesy of director Amir Chamdin.

Produced by Klas Åhlund and mixed by Andy Wallace — and also featuring the Active Rock #1 radio single Hunter’s Moon — IMPERA finds Ghost transported literally centuries forward from the Black Plague era of its previous album, 2018 Best Rock Album GRAMMY nominee Prequelle. The result is the most ambitious and lyrically incisive entry in the Ghost canon: Over the course of IMPERA’s 12-song cycle, empires rise and fall, would-be messiahs ply their hype (financial and spiritual alike), prophecies are foretold as the skies fill with celestial bodies divine and man-made… All in all, the most current and topical Ghost subject matter to date is set against a hypnotic and darkly colourful melodic backdrop making IMPERA a listen like no other — yet unmistakably, quintessentially Ghost.

The themes running through the album seem to walk the listener through a bit of historical context that appear to lead the way to today’s world, highlighting the rise and fall of empires and such while also giving focus to societies own fallacies. One would think not much has changed over the hundreds of years if you listen closely and maybe to some extent there’s truth to it, but it’s a thought played out well in the 12 songs on offer.” – Metal-Roos



Ghost - Impera