GIG REVIEW: Glamfest – Sydney, January 28th 2023

Factory Theatre - Sydney, NSW

Glamfest: Faster Pussycat - Sydney 2023 | Photo Credit" Adam Sivewright

Glam Fest 2023 is finally upon us. It seems pretty appropriate, given most of these bands are from Hollywood CA, and the music from that late 80’s Hollywood scene never fails to remind me of summer, that it’s a scorching hot day that Sydney has laid on to celebrate.

By the time that the doors of the Factory Theatre are flung open, Starcrazy have started, all flailing hair & vermillion Flares, their bouncy riffs & ‘Woo Woo’ melodies have the early risers down the front & shaking their money-makers. ‘The Big Time’ is a stomper, while closer ‘Hysterical’ dials the funk & the soaring choruses up to 11. While some of their songs indicate that Starcrazy aren’t quite the finished product, but they’re sure as hell worth catching now! Watch them go off, and you can tell people you saw them back when…

Crosson are next up. Looking like the illegitimate child of Zodiac Mindwarp and err… Knuckles the Hedgehog, Jason Crosson is coming on all guns blazing! He’s even nicked the Christmas lights from his neighbours hedge to adorn his guitar. We get ‘Rock & Roll Disease’, showcasing the Crosson synchronised dancing team, (who are in fine form), while the lead guitarist never misses an opportunity to dazzle us with his histrionics.

The Girls disappear & then reappear later with Black Wings for ‘Fallen from Grace’, then finally, the old air raid siren proclaims the closer ‘anyone can be a hero’ I would say that Crosson brought everything except the kitchen sink (as usual). Although I wouldn’t put it past them to try to include one next time.

Sisters Doll really bring out the spirit of the late 80’s scene to today’s rock & roll party! Having previously seen them do a rip-roaring 80’s KISS cover set, I was super keen to see them do what they do best! First impressions are that the singer sounds a bit like Joe Elliot (with hair like Ian Hunter), while the drummer is channelling Tommy Lee, while the Singer & lead guitarist have some great guitar interaction going on. It’s not a shock that these guys are all brothers.

The set is all bangers! ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Strut’, ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, ‘Good day to be alive’, all sound fantastic! The band will be back in Sydney shortly supporting Crash Diet, there are certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday night!

A squall of feedback announces Tuff! Judging by the throng of people moving down the front, there’s a good portion of the crowd that came especially for this set. To the casual observer, comparing seeing Tuff now compared to the cover of the debut album… they’re strikingly unrecognisable, but the sound is instantly familiar.

Judging from the reaction to ‘God Bless this Mess’, ‘Spit Like This’ and ‘Ruck a Pit Bridge’, its obvious that plenty of people have been waiting 30 years to see this band. Founder, Tod Chase on the Bass is a stand out, his backing vocals especially a highlight, while Rock Gossip site impresario & lead Singer Stevie Rachelle (from hell) does a great job bringing it all together. Im sure it’s a lot of pressure playing to people who have waited so long to see you (most of whom Im sure thought they’d never have the chance).

So while some of the songs (i.e. the ballads) may not have aged particularly well, Tuff made a lot of peoples’ day today.


Pretty Boy Floyd were another band that I had no idea what to expect in comparison to the band that released their debut album in 1989. But seeing Steve Summers & Kristy Majors, there was no mistaking who was up when they took the stage. Playing ‘Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz’ in full, We get the title track, the Mötley Crüe cover ‘Toast of the Town’, ‘48 hours to rock’… the works! Its amazing how many of these tunes have stuck in the memory

The band are fully revved up, giving the (fairly thin) original album sound a turbo boost. Bassist Criss 6 is a great talent, while apparently the drummer is former, Enuff Z’Nuff and Vince Neil band member Vikki Foxx (Not that you would know, the dry ice pretty much obscuring all of the drummers from the 2nd band on). By about halfway through the set, the singer’s voice is making some interesting noises at the high end, but all told, PBF were a bit of a revelation today. As I wasn’t at all up to date with anything PBF, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but they crushed it!

Enuff Z’Nuff are back, having last been in Sydney in 2020 just as the world was about to fall on its arse. “Ladies & Gentlemen, Children of all ages… Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth” Circus Music intro’s ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Blue Island Illinois’ finest export are rapturously welcomed back!

Much like all the bands on this bill, EZN bring out the hits for their Set. ‘Kiss the Clown’, ‘Heaven or Hell’ & ‘Baby Loves you’ (from the Classic Strength Album), and a cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ (which the added grunt adds to the already doomy feel of that song). The current lineup does a fantastic job with the songs, Tory Stoffregen and Chip Z’Nuff in particular bringing newlife to the EZN and Beatles classics.

Finishing up on a massive high with ‘Fly High Michelle’ & ‘New thing’, with Faster Pussycat’s Chad Stewart & Sam Bam joining in on Harmony vocals & guitar respectively. Chip Z’Nuff enthusiastically raves about how much he loves coming to Australia, and it seems that the feeling is mutual. Come back soon boys!

Swedish Band Eclipse were the wild card for me, not knowing much about them at all, they were a genuine revelation. From the opening chords, the band are everywhere all over the stage all at once. Their crunchy riffs and big choruses putting them right at home on this bill! ‘Roses on your Grave’ and ‘Saturday Night (Hallelujah)’ being a killer opening salvo, they quickly won many friends among the Factory crowd, the whole dancefloor were bouncing along by the end of the set. The stunning ‘Viva La Victoria’ bringing things to a close.


The crowd has an impressive line in obscure band T-shirts, but by my usual poll on which band’s shirts was best represented among the crowd, Wednesday 13 wins in a canter. (The benefit of regular touring on full display)  A martial drum beat and majestic overture introduces the band before they tear into ‘Blood Sucker’. I’ve always been aware of Wednesday, without really delving into his catalogue, but this will definitely change after finally seeing them play. Of course you have the Misfits meet White Zombie via Alice Cooper horror show shtick, but the band are also incredibly well drilled, and Wednesday is a consummate showman, with a sharp sense of humour… it also doesn’t hurt that the songs are as catchy as hell. The dance floor is quickly steaming due to the humidity outside, and the crowd being heated to boiling. Wednesday: “Gimme a Ric Flair” Crowd: “Whoo!” Wednesday: “That never fails anywhere in the world”.

‘My Home Sweet Homicide’ is dedicated to Wednesday’s ex-wife, and he also shouts out to the rest of the bill. “These bands were my life when I was a teenager… Why do you think I look this way?!” The other element of Wednesdays appeal is that the songs are downright hilarious! ‘From Here to the hearse’ (ending with Alice’s Under my Wheels) & ‘Good Day to be a Bad Guy’ being good examples

The Murderdolls’ ‘Nowhere’ is played in honour of Joey Jordison, then an old song ‘Die My Bride’ before newer tracks ‘I walked with a Zombie’ & ‘Bad Things’ and finally his particularly inventive Umbrella comes out for the traditional ‘I love to say Fuck’ with the crowd gleefully singing along… Good Friendly Ghoulish Fun for the whole family! Although I must say that I could have done without having to watch half the set through half a dozen mobile phone screens held up in front of me. Maybe its me, but I just don’t understand the appeal of this. Old man rant over.

Faster Pussycat are back for the first time since 2019, and theyre looking, and sounding slightly different. A change on both guitars seems to have given them a swing that seemed to be lacking last time out. Sam Bam Koltun & Ronnie Simmons do a great job in bring out the original punkish edge over the metallic groove which seemed to be in evidence in 2019.  Opener ‘Where there’s a whip, theres a way’ opens things grooving before things take off with ‘Cathouse’. ‘Slip of the tongue’ is next, Taime has his voice tonight (at the Crowbar in 2019, a flu had him sounding more like Lemmy). After Don’t Change that song, Taime shouts out the rest of the bill “We’ve had a lotta late nights catching up on this tour… Its like Old Man Camp from Hollywood”. A pair of new tunes next, the Heartbreakers cover ‘Pirate Love’, and the cracking new one ‘NOLA’.  Then INXS’ ‘Don’t Change’, before another new one ‘Like a Ghost’. (The new tunes are sounding great! Hopefully this deal with Golden Robot Records sees a new album soon).

Things finish off with House of Pain with Chip Z’Nuff helping out on backings before ‘Bathroom Wall’ & eternal favourite‘Babylon’ bring things to a storming finish.

Glam Fest seems to have been a resounding success… from a punters standpoint at least. People saw some bands that they probably thought that they had no hope at all of ever seeing. Hopefully Silverback can make this an annual event, as I’m sure there are plenty of other bands people would love to see make the trek next time


Photos by Adam Sivewright  |  Review by Biggs

Faster Pussycat, Wednesday 13, Eclipse

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