Gig Review: L7 with Sarco – Perth 13th December 2023

Rosemount Hotel - Perth, WA


Reuniting 9 years ago after a 13-year hiatus, L7 hit Australia once again performing their full album, Bricks Are Heavy for the first time. Sold out shows across Perth, Melbourne and Sydney prove the love Down Under has for this all female Grunge and Punk inspired Heavy Rock band who started their journey back in 1985 and are going strong once more.

This mid-week Wednesday night gig packed out the Rosemount Hotel with a crowd of mostly 30 and 40 years old, with some younger and older mingling with the mix. Excited buzzed as the main room quickly filled to capacity, everyone eager to see and hear these supremely talented women.

Sarco opened the night, confusing the crowd with the techno/dance style music, many punters mock dancing and laughing at the odd choice of support. Hailing from Perth the ‘lo fi hardware minimal acid tech” trio would be a hit at clubs and raves, but no so much as support for a Hard Rock band like L7. Still, some went with it, enjoying the dance beats, and pumping up for the main show.

As the tech signalled the sound guy they were ready, the crowd went wild as purple lights presented the LA rockers to the welcoming Perth fans. Donita Sparks and Jennifer Finch greeted the crowd with passion, attitude and big smiles. Suzi Gardner played to the crowd, feeding off the roars of celebration as L7 played through their 3rd album, Bricks are Heavy, in its entirety. Dee Plakas pummelled the drums, hair flying wildly, perfectly backlit with an orange glow. The crowd went wild for Shitlist, the second last song from the album before continuing on to some other fan favourites, which attracted all the screams of approval.

7 years ago was the last time Australia got a taste of L7 in 2016 (and 1998 before that), maybe with the overwhelming support and number of sold out shows they can come back again soon! The energy levels matched those of any 20 year olds and the ladies certainly enjoy playing to the crowd, their interaction adored by fans, feeling the acknowledgement and gratitude.

Photographs and review by Misty Shadow of Shadow-World Photography.