GIG REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect, Thornhill, Caligula’s Horse – Brisbane, 7th October 2022


The Butterfly Effect – Brisbane, 7th October 2022 | Photo Credit: Just Ignore The Camera

Well here we are my Metal Roo Family – I’m back with a personal favourite review. I trust you are all well & can get out & about to give yourself some much-needed music therapy. Up the road to the EH to catch some local Australian favourites in the prog metal scene.

Beginning the evening are local lads Caligula’s Horse. I was introduced to these guys a few years back & enjoy their intricate weave of progressive & harmonic vocalisations. Jim Grey (vocals) thanking everyone for arriving early to catch them & appreciating the “posh” décor of the Eatons band room. I enjoy the timing of their 2nd song for the evening Slow Violence & Josh Griffin (drums) shows his stick skills as the solid heartbeat of the band. An awesome opener for the evening – keep on evolving fellas, you rock! Check them out here –

Melbourne 4-piece Thornhill blasted onto the stage next & completely sideswiped me. I’ve been living under a rock it seems as they have been around since 2015 & I hadn’t had a chance to check them out before the gig – but man…..I didn’t know what was going on for the first few songs. Now I am totally hooked!! Blasting off with Raw then Leather Wings then Hollywood from their 2nd & latest album Heroine (2022) there are tastes of synth, djent, pop, metal, blast beats & Jacob Charltons soaring vocals. I was in awe! As a vocalist myself I have incredible respect for humans that have a range that soars & the strength of Jacobs voice blew my mind. From screams to angelic highs like Jeff Buckley, to metal growls, I was slapped across the face – on top of the stage presence – totally captivating!!! Bandmates Ethan (guitar) Ben (drums) & Nick (bass) form an energetic alliance of soundscapes. I so love being swept away by a band I knew nothing about & there is nothing like that kind of discovery at a live gig. Views from the Sun then Lily & the Moon from their 2019 album Dark Pool again highlights the bands eclectic harmony of styles & sounds. Check out Thornhill – trust me you will be transported. Thornhill

Then onwards to the crescendo. I have been enjoying the Flutterbys for decades & to see them again live was such a blessing. The Butterfly Effect are from Brisbane & we were lucky enough to bask in their raw talent from the beginning – 1999 can you believe it?! And now as Clint Boge would say we spent the evening time travelling together. I have been listening to the new album – IV released in September 2022 & as a die-hard fan after 14 years, I was so pleased to hear their new offering. Another journey through their creative channel & I just love it! Beginning the set with a new track Dark the crowd went wild! Then zoom back in time to 2008 to the Final Conversation of Kings album with Window & the Watcher. Flash back further to 2006 to the Imago album with Slow Descent then backwards further to 2003 for Begins Here with Always – can we say sing along time? So good!!! We all might be a little greyer, but the hair was swinging & the heads were banging.

Back to the future for So Tired – fellow Flutterbys Ben (drums) Glen (bass) & Kurt (guitar) complete the perfect quartet. A gorgeous rendition of Room Without a View, Nil, then a personal sing along favourite with Gone. I don’t usually list out the whole set – but they are all such incredible creations I cannot leave one out. Next was Before They Knew & a beautiful duo with Clint & Kurt on Everybody Runs. Time to make everyone go CRAZY with an oldie & a goldie – One Second of Insanity. To finish the pre encore set is a favourite – Worlds on Fire – the people beside me got to see my interruptive dance moves & singing at the top of my lungs. The closing riff & words of this song have always reverberated within my heart –

“Where did we go wrong?
Fighting for so long

I didn’t ask for this at all
When my back’s against the wall
And my face painted for war
I didn’t ask for this at all”

Off they trot to grab a refreshment & then a toast for their final 2 songs. A newbie & an oldie.

Visiting Hours & Reach. Reach has to be up there as one of my most cherished songs of all time. Sometimes you forget how much you truly love a band & tonight I was reminded of times when The Butterfly Effect music was all I had, getting me through the toughest of rides, on this roller coaster of life. When you forget – refresh your memory & know that music is forever. Thank you, Clint, Kurt, Ben & Glen know that your music indeed saved my life. Always. <3

The Butterfly Effect




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