GIG REVIEW: The Ocean w/ Cave In & LLNN – Canberra June 07th 2024

The Baso - Canberra, ACT

the ocean

A solid crowd braved some torrential conditions to see some triple action thanks to The Ocean, Cave In and Denmark’s LLNN. While the crowd built as the set continued, the Copenhagen group didn’t seem satisfied with their efforts in cheering and headbanging. “Come on it’s Friday night, it’s not yeah, it’s YEEEEAAAHHH” demanded singer frontman Victor Kaas.

This was my first time seeing or hearing the band and it was a solid opener to the night. There are elements of black metal, doom and even some groove parts throughout the sets, all backed by layers of synth and keyboards thanks to Ketil Sejersen. His brother Rasmus blasted the drums to keep the action going at a quick pace.

By the end of the set the crowd had increased at the front, with many people getting right into the action.

Cave In had non need to make demands upon the crowd, getting straight to business with “New Reality” from 2021’s Heavy Pendulum. Their new reality was forced upon them, having Nate Newton (Converge) join the band after the tragic passing of Caleb Scofield.

The assortment of members of Canberra’s greatest heavy bands sprinkled through the crowd showed some of the high regard that Cave In are held, with many excited for their first visit to Australia. The band expressed thanks for so many people coming out, and being glad to make it to Australia after 30 years of being a band.

Newton’s gruff delivery contrasts with Stephen Brodsky’s more nasal offerings, with plenty of crushing riffs in between. Speaking of legendary Canberra musicians, there are some similarities to Alchemist in some of the newer tracks. There’s plenty of grunge inspiration, with the band saying that many Soundgarden releases were influential on the album.

Most of the set came from the Heavy Pendulum, but they also delved into earlier works like “Halo of Flies”. The set all came together with 2001’s “Sing My Loves”.

The Boston boys were sandwiched between two European acts, with Germany’s The Ocean headlining the night.

Somewhere in the coloured smoke haze, a hooded Loïc Rossetti started things out. Unfortunately the smoke actually made it a little hard to see the band throughout the set. The band showed many different influences throughout their set.

The material was mainly drawn from 2023’s Holocene. For those looking to go back in time, the band will play 2013’s Pelagial in Melbourne in a special showcase with LLNN as well as Lo!.

The Ocean are no strangers to Australia, having been to these shores last year in support of Ne Obliviscaris. Their collection of post metal had the crowd engaged, with the final tracks coming through the various eras, completing the set with “Jurassic” and “Triassic”.

All in all, a strong night of heavy music in the capital, with The Baso once again providing the place to be. The only thing heavier than the bands on the stage was the rain outside, so it was good to see a strong turnout despite the weather.