Goreskincoffin release lyric video for “Elegy for Mankind’s Failings”

Gore Skin Coffin

California blackened death lords GORESKINCOFFIN have launched a lyric video for, “Elegy for Mankind’s Failings.” The song is the newest single off the band’s forthcoming third full-length album, Release My Suffering. Stream the lyric video for “Elegy for Mankind’s Failings” below.

Release My Suffering comes following a brutal year of writing, rehearsing, recording and shows, and features seven furious tracks of blackened death/grind. The album will be out on January 14 via Funeral Goat Records. Pre-order and listen to tracks “Plague Father” and “Wrath and Ruin” at this location.

Originally formed in 2011 from the ashes of other local death metal groups, GORESKINCOFFIN started as a three-piece featuring Dean Rice (drums), Dustin Stark (guitar/vocals), and Justice Reckis (bass). The trio wrote and released their debut album, Corpse Filled Caskets, that same year. The album drew influences from black and death metal bands, both classic and modern.

Following a six-year hiatus, GORESKINCOFFIN returned with the addition of Cody Winter on vocals. The band released their second full-length, Shattered Conceptions Ov Reality, in 2017. Guitarist Randy Hoofard joined the fold shortly thereafter. In 2018, the band released the Cursed Paths EP.

GORESKINCOFFIN then amicably parted ways with Hoofard, a move that saw Reckis pick up guitar duties and the addition of new bassist Edgar Castro-Salazar. The newly invigorated lineup released the “Wrath and Ruin” single in 2021 before going to work on their newest burnt offering, Release My Suffering.



Gore Skin Coffin - Release My Suffering