Grave Digger – Symbol of Eternity (Album Review)

Release Date: August 26th 2022 - ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

Grave Digger - Symbol of Eternity

Any fan of heavy metal will be familiar with German heavy metal icons Grave Digger.  They began in the ’80s and are considered one of the “big four” of German metal alongside Helloween, Rage, and Running Wild.

The current lineup of Chris Boltendahl, Jens Becker, Axel Ritt, and Marcus Kniep is about to release a new album, Symbol of Eternity, due out on 26th August 2022.  Grave Digger have not wavered far from their trademark sound, which keeps their longtime fans satisfied with each release.  This will be their 22nd studio album, it is a testament to the tried and true formula of their heavy metal band.

The band has explored many subjects over the years and their strong affinity to Scottish history is evident in a number of their past releases.  This album tells stories of the Crusaders which follows on from their album “Knights of the Cross” which was released in 1998.

The intro to the album is entitled “The Siege of Akkon” and creates an atmosphere of a battle beginning and armies forming the line.  This leads into “Battle Cry”, the song is hectic in tempo, the drums and bass driving urgency throughout. It has an unforgettable chorus, the solos keep up with the tempo and it’s an all-around proper heavy metal anthem.

Next up is “Hell is my Purgatory” where you are reminded why Grave Digger is one of the most revered heavy metal bands of all time, Chris Boltendahl’s distinctive vocals are so suited to the stories being told, he delivers every word with fervor and heart.  This song is another catchy one, Grave Digger has a knack for writing songs that make you want to throw your fists in the air and sing along, which is why they are also such a great live band.

With 13 tracks on the album, it is difficult to describe each individual track, the stories are intertwined as you journey through Symbol of Eternity to paint a picture of the Crusades.  It is as though you are watching a movie in your head, Boltendahl masterfully sparks the imagination with descriptive lyrics and the music provides the fitting feel to match.

“Heart of a Warrior” has this combination nailed perfectly,  the riff is heavy metal as hell, it is uplifting and courageous.  It champions the inner feeling of what it is to be a warrior.

Grave Digger is also skillful in writing ballads that draw out the emotion of a tale, such as their 2011 song “The Ballad Of Mary”Symbol of Eternity has moments of this finesse within the songs, a perfect example of this is “Grace of God”, with stunning acoustic melodies combined with epic metal triumph.  They really have fired all their arsenal at this album, and the result is marvelous.

Special mention needs to be made of the bonus track “Hellas Hellas”, a cover of a song by Vasilis Papakonstantinou which Boltendahl sings in Greek and features Papakonstantinou as a guest vocalist.

The stand-out track for me is “Battle Cry”, it gave me everything I want from Grave Digger, however, there was not one filler track on Symbol of Eternity.  Every song had a purpose and there were no disappointing moments.

For fans of Grave Digger and heavy metal in general, they again prove their heavy metal pedigree with this album!

Check out the digipak available as it also has a bonus disc included of Grave Digger – Live at Metal Hammer Paradise featuring some iconic songs such as “Heavy Metal Breakdown”, “Witch Hunter” and “The Clans will Rise Again”

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Release Year: 2022
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery