Graveir – King Of The Silent World (Album Review) 

Metal\Edd/ has temporarily come out of retirement to do another review for Black Roos Entertainment. This time I wIll be reviewing a mysterious entity from Brisbane (Queensland) known as GRAVEIR. Graveir has been active since 2014 and is signed to Brilliant Emperor Records. These Australians have just released their 2nd full length entitled King of the silent world. This band plays a raw and caustic brand of Black Metal, Sludge And Doom, While dealing with Death, Madness and Decay Amongst their themes …Now let us begin.

King of the silent world kicks straight into the action with all guns blazing With (Track 1) #Charmel Bacchanalia. Frantic black metal riffing and a shotgun fire drumbeat instantly get their hooks into you and have you headbanging and air drumming at a steady pace. While Shades Of Melody and atmosphere Are Smothered underneath, wrapping tightly around the caustic brutality of the music. All of this props up the pained, screeching vocals, delivered in a state of utter darkness, straight from the bowels of hell. At the 3 minute 15 Second mark the song starts to break down on itself and takes a detour into a more sludgy and doomy territory until there is nothing left but a solitary blast of feedback and what sounds like the wind …Brilliant!!! (Track 2) #Scaphism explodes into an unsettling wall of sound as if the band have shapeshifted into soldiers and are using their instruments as weapons While fighting a battle against an invisible enemy in a blizzard. This song is much more Sludgy and Doomy than the opener, with haunting bursts of atmospheric instrumentation wrapping everything up tightly And adding flourishes of beauty amongst the darkness.

If you enjoy Black Metal, Viking metal, sludge or Blackened Doom, You will certainly find something to enjoy on this album. At the 3 minute mark, the song crumbles under its own weight and once again breaks down on itself. This is a pattern that each of these 10 songs will follow…

(Tracks 3 and 4) #The fetch of crooked And #Bathed in Archeron Continue The wonderful flow that this album has and continues in the same vein …Heavy, raw, caustic, Symphonic, sludgy Blackened doom metal. An astonishing start to this extraordinary album.

(Tracks 5 And 6) #In Remnant light And #Immacolatta Follow and This Pair of tracks, although still quite brutal, rolls along at a slower pace, Allowing the harshly shrieked vocals To take centre stage and the authentic orchestral undertones to shine. A truly hypnotising listening experience with shades of early Dimmu Borgir.

(Track 7) #Waiting Begins with a twisted wall of noise that inspires nightmares before it erupts into a pure black metal stomper. The song is quite an Avant guard in sound and the Necro sounding Riffs on this track are monstrous.

(Track 8) #Fodder for the gear is another ripping showcase of Australian Black metal And has elements of Everything that Graveir do so well, Thumping Drums, stabbing Guitars, Dreamy orchestration and piercing vocals. This Extraordinary 10 Track Album finishes with a doubleheader of knock out blows with (Track 9) #Phantasms in Daguerre And (Track 10) #Father Devourer.

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The former starts with a strange atmospheric sound before breaking into a wonderfully dark and enchanting mid-paced gallop that is equal parts beauty and darkness. The riffs take a back seat here to the underlying orchestral flourishes which actually serve this piece of music very well. The vocals here once again excel, flaying the flesh from the listener. This track is certainly another highlight for me …A magical composition of soundscapes. The Latter And Closing Track # Father Devourer Begins with a funeral doom vibe before breaking into a very emotive and uplifting Song. After getting beaten into submission by this album from start to finish…

This is A Perfect note to end on, It’s The Soundtrack of the soul leaving the body and crossing over into the light.

It’s the soundscape of death, madness, despair, decay and rebirth. King Of The Silent World Has ticked all of my boxes, Although I Like this band the most when they take their foot off the pedal and slow things down a bit Allowing the emotiveness and atmosphere to shine through in their music.

I am proud to say that Although I hadn’t heard of this band before now, They have blooded me and I am a fan, looking forward to delving into their back catalogue of Eps And debut album. If you like raw and caustic black metal, sludge or blackened doom with a shit load of atmospherics, then there is certainly a lot for you to get excited about right here. There’s a fine line between good and bad Black metal But these Australians have absolutely nailed it!!!

I am awarding GRAVEIR (King of the silent world) 9 burning churches out of 10!!! For Fans Of: Gorgoroth, Deadspace, Shining (Sweden) And Earl Dimmu Borgir!!!

Release Year: 2020
Label: Brilliant Emperor Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by …Metal\Edd/