Guardian Of Lightning: Liberate suffering souls with “Raise Your Sword” music video, new album out July 17!

Thunder metal pioneers Guardian Of Lightning have revealed a new music video and single for the song “Raise Your Sword”. The intense music video was directed by Victor Yuri with Iron King and was shot on location at Semag Industrial Equipment in Guariba, Brazil. Watch the video here:

“Raise Your Sword” is the second music video from the band’s debut full-length album Cosmos Tree which will be released on July 17, 2020, via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Eurico Tavares at Stage Record Power Audio Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Guardian of Lightning is pioneering a new spin on the metal genre known as “thunder metal” which replaces the typical lead guitar role with that of an ultra-heavy, thundering electric bass. Pre-save/Pre-order Cosmos Tree at this location
“Raise Your Sword is a very important song about the deliverance of suffering souls,” says lead bassist Iron King. “In these uncertain times, millions of people all over the world are facing unprecedented economic hardship and loss of friends and family due to the pandemic. But even as the future looks difficult, we must know that we have the power to face this evil force. That power also gives us the strength to never surrender and go ahead… we will win this war eventually and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!”

Cosmos Tree contains nine thundering heavy metal anthems which are destined to usher in a new wave of classic heavy metal with a fresh modern reboot, like a thunderbird roaring across the horizon! With the very first single (which also happens to be the title track), it is easy to hear the lead bass guitar driving the melody which emphasizes a higher meaning of the cosmos… that we are all connected somehow and humanity is the fruit of something much higher than that which our consciousness can comprehend. Other highlights on the album include “Raise Your Sword” which is an anthem of rebellion that we have the power to face negativity to face the world’s evil problems, to never give up and fight for what is right and just! “Sound of Thunder” pays homage to the Thunderbird, a Native American deity which is widely seen as a protector and enforcer of morality.

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