Hammer King releases new single & video “Invisible King”

Hammer King
Photo credit: Tim Tronckoe

HAMMER KING continue to prove themselves as an unstoppable force in the German heavy and power metal world and report back on the journey to their new full-length, Kingdemonium, delivering another taste of what fans can expect with new single “Invisible King“. The second offering from the new album offers powerful vocals, heavy guitar elements and a catchy refrain, riddled with backing chants that invite you to rock and sing along – a song made for big live audiences! The single comes together with a behind the scenes video, shot during their appearance at Rock Harz festival just a few days ago.

HAMMER KING on “Invisible King”: “Yes I am – the Invisible King! This song is about anything you would want to do if you were invisible, all the sneaky prowling, the secretiveness – whatever most people rarely dare. Of course, it’s also about the good you could do if you could take a look behind the scenes. Musically, it is a perfect live song – so enjoy our video, with footage from Rock Harz festival in 2022, just one week ago. God bless the King, may the King bless all of you!”

Under the banner of the mighty king, HAMMER KING will release their new studio album, Kingdemonium, on August 19, 2022! Only 14 months after the release of their self-titled album, which put them on the radar of each heavy metal fan with their first Top 50 chart entry, the Germans deliver another strong release while showcasing a different side of their self-curated fantasy world full of perfectly intonated tales and stories – a holy feast for fans of genre giants like Powerwolf, Manowar or HammerFall!

Kingdemonium highlights the core essence of HAMMER KING and fully reflects on the strengths of the band, kicking off with first track “Invisible King”. The title track, “Kingdemonium” then proves its pure power from the first note and goes all the way with thundering drums, riffs made of steel, and energetic vocals. Followed by “The Four Horsemen”, starting off slower, the track quickly picks up the pace mid-journey through the world of the Hammer King. “Guardians of the Realm (featuring Ross The Boss)”, stands out from the rest with the vigorous vocals riddled with acoustic guitar elements, while “Live Long, Die Nasty” is a future live hit that will have all crowds screaming along immediately. An album made of pure steel in the name of the Hammer King!



Hammer King - Kingdemonium