HARD EXCESS Releases New Music Video “Church Is A Dollhouse”

HARD EXCESSHard Excess have recently released a single and music video for the song “Mad Desire”.

The album “The Nations Dust” is the result of years of work, and a strong vision to keep the true spirit of the music. All basic Tracks were recorded live and no compromises have been made in creative decisions. Some of the Songs already existed for some time, others were finished shortly before the recording session. The song selection therefore reflects the journey of the four friends so far. This is a real album from a real living band!

Two brothers and their buddy, who grew up in the same village discovered the world of heavy music through 70ies and 80ies bands. Ever since they studied the genre – so much that one could say that they even absorbed it into their DNA. That is, roughly put, the genesis of the band “Hard Excess”. These lads were influenced by “handmade” rock music – experimental 69 movement including hook studdled hits from AC/DC, Chicago blues, grunge and even poetry by Jim Morrison. But most dominantly the band has been influenced by heavy metal music.

Watch their official video here:

hard excess AC




1. Church Is A Dollhouse
2. The East Rock States
3. Reckless Disease
4. Revenge
5. Mad Desire
6. The Riders Of The Apocalypse
7. Ramses III.
8. Night Lady
9. The Insurrection (Instrumental)
10. The Nations Dust