Hardcore Superstar to release fourth single from upcoming album “Abrakadabra”

Hardcore Superstar

Abrakadabra is the upcoming album from Gothenburg’s leading exponents of street metal, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR! The follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N’ Roll, Abrakadabra will be released digitally via Golden Robot Records (for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South America only) on March 25th, 2022 and is available for pre-order / pre-save now!

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR has recently released three alcohol fuelled, riff laden singles ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Dreams In Red’ and ‘Weep When You Die’!

But they aren’t stopping there in the lead up and will release another single ‘Forever and a Day‘ on January 14th that will be available on all digital platforms.

2021 has been a fantastic year for HARDCORE SUPERSTAR with three singles released to critical acclaim, surpassing over 750,000 Spotify plays and 250,000 YouTube plays as well as the band playing sold out shows all across Sweden!

With 2022 now upon us, the band are building on this phenomenal success by kicking off the new year with the release of their new single ‘Forever and a Day’, a stomping, attitude laden anthem about standing up for yourself and everything you believe in, that is destined to be both a live classic and an instant fan favourite!

The success and acclaim of You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll inspired the band significantly and writing for the next record enthusiastically started whilst out on tour. Connecting with so many fans, old and new has helped to influence the shape and sound of the new record, with drummer Adde commenting that the new album “feels like the record we should have released after the Black Album”.

Abrakadabra will be released worldwide in March 2022, containing 10 hard hitting songs exploding with riffs, attitude, intensity and that magical feeling you get when your work is over and the weekend is here. This is an album for the fans and best shared with great friends, cold beers and very loud-speakers!


Hardcore Superstar - Abrakadabra