Hate – Rugia (Album Review)

Polish greats Hate to celebrate their 30th anniversary with the new album Rugia.

Rugia opens with the title track. An absolute monster of a song, crushing in its deathened/black metal glory. It’s intense, precise and bone crunchingly heavy.

New Drummer Nar-Sil brings military precision to the attack, the percussion tight and intense helping drives the music, Sacred Dnieper keeps the intensity levels at 11, it’s fast ferocious and exactly what precise Black metal infused with death should be.  Often unfairly compared and overlooked by peers, hate at times offers no surprises but it’s hard to imagine extreme music without them. Adam the First Sinner sounds as aggressive and accusatory as ever his vocals clear among the sonic carnage.

It is a 30 odd minute inferno of Polish-styled awesomeness that is recognizable but is their most consistent record in quite a while. Saturnus piles on the heavy with frenetic guitar work.  their move from traditional themes to Slavonic Mysticism helps infuse tracks like Resurgence with extra depth and progression whilst keeping that trademark Hate sound. Valerian Guard is yet another cracker full of hooks.

An album not measured in halves it is a calamitous offering to the gods and finds the band sounding as energetic and vital as ever. Exiles of Pantheon and   Awakening the Gods Within bring chaos, energy, and intensity. Hate may have never left but Rugia finds them back at full power with their sonic Armageddon.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Metal Blade Records
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Sparky