Häxkapell – Eldhymner (Album Review)

Swedish psychographic black metal project Häxkapell release their debut album Eldhymner.

Hailing from Northern Sweden and the use of their native language Haxkapell is the result of Oraklet’s (everything) passion to create an album around the concept of fire and its different aspects, destructor, life bringer, enchanter, and deceiver.

From the ominous traditionally instrumented opener Kallet (the calling), Ur malströmmens fame (maelstrom) is pure Swedish black metal with that military execution the is reminiscent of Marduk, and of course Bathory.
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The riff is an instantly recognizable classic pulled from the excellence of the second wave of Black Metal full of fury and prowess. Solraviner pulls it back a notch into that mid-tempo Nordic feel that captures the spirit of the homeland along with the abyss subject matter. Haxkapellet (Fire/Blaze) is fury and destruction with a blazing end section that is rousing and passionate full of speed and anger.

Eldskapt (Fire- made) continues the assault with its dynamics that merge from full-blown speed to some nicely added acoustic texture, Askans Drothing (Thunder), reduces the speed without sacrificing the intensity, triumphant and proud complete with a guitar solo.
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  Yet it’s not all northern darkness Sanningen (faithful) with guest violin is the perfect yet surprising closer, a traditionally inspired piece that is uplifting and powerful and yet devoid of any distortion at all. Брюнетка нашла страстное видео в сети и поделилась ссылкой со своей лучшей подругой

Eldhymner is the perfect album for fans of Swedish Black Metal that is traditional, powerful, and heavy.

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Release Year: 2021
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky