Heads For The Dead – Into The Red (Album Review)

Brutalism is like all art forms a taste that you may take time to appreciate. When it’s produced with such an incendiary blackness as the guys in Heads For The Dead then this is very apparent. This is not for those thinking hey, I like heavy music maybe this is the next step. But if like me you have been dipping your toes in extreme music for some time then this is REALLY the one for you. The band is an extreme metal supergroup from all across Europe. The likes of Ralf Hauber on vocals (Revel in Flesh – Immortal Rites) and Jonny Patterson on all instruments on the last count he has performed in 26 separate bands, so forgive me for not listing them, as the whole review would be just that. And on Drums Ed Warby again last count 17 bands under his belt.

What this tells us is that this three-piece has enough experience and musical know-how to make a 12-song 46 min epic of thunderous guitar, ear-splitting drums and vocals that are truly from the very bowels of hell.  Unlike a lot of its counterparts, this band has produced a very clean and clearly delineated product. Not here are the muddy poorly mixed vocals; Stodgy static loaded guitars and bland blast beat-laden drums. It takes a lot of skill to layer such dark and unforgiving music with melody and beauty.

If your looking for a stand out track I have to say Creatures Of The Monolith is the last number on the album, what a closer it is. It’s one of the slowest numbers on the album but it marries Doom elements with Black metal in a way that’s new to me. At my age, if something feels new then it’s a stand out winner for me.  To be and pardon my pun (Brutally Honest) this entire album is new to me in its refreshingly extreme beauty and its exhilarating honesty.

This goes to show that with lots of vision large amounts of talent and the desire to make your mark on the world you inhabit you can make a modern classic.

So in closing go get this record in any form you wish and enjoy the whole package as I have not mentioned the artwork but it blew me away to the point I bought the T-shirt. I’d say that you would do the same.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity
Category: Album
Country: International

Reviewed by Tony Evans