Heavy rock three piece Red Bee takes unpredictable journey in new single “Beautiful Wreck”

Red Bee

Beautiful Wreck’ is the new single from heavy rock band Red Bee. Juxtaposing multiple different musical styles, the ambitious and complex piece is underlined by theatre, beauty and chaos as it takes its listener on an unpredictable journey.

‘Beautiful Wreck’ is the 2nd release of a series of singles recorded and co-produced in Red Bee’s Blue Mountains hometown with producer/engineer/mixer Matthew Templeman (Statues/Voyager/Havoc).  Although the idea of the song was a gigantic challenge to execute, the entire experience was altogether fun and satisfying for the band – due to the writing and recording of the music taking place at their rehearsal space (the Shelter Studios).

Daniel Silk (Guitar/Vocals) explains the lyrical theme of ‘Beautiful Wreck’: “Lyrically, the song delves deep into the concept of two beings destined to be together. However, they are on separate paths – one into darkness and the other into light. The universe continues to bring their separate paths together… just to have them split apart again.”

The music video for ‘Beautiful Wreck’ was conceptualised and created by local emerging videographer/director/producer Jackson Samuel, based on the brief from Red Bee. (Samuel previously created the band’s music videos for ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘Killing Time’.) Matching the ambition of ‘Beautiful Wreck’, it’s music video is an epic, dramatic and intense statement.

The single’s artwork design, also by Samuel, is inspired by a key scene in the music video of human connection and disconnection.