Helisma by Lavidius

Cold And Alone – Begins with melodic notes transitioning into a punchy set of riffs and enter the strong vocals. Verses are awesome and reminiscent of Carcass. Chorus is very catchy with a flowing solo. Ends with a short but melodic riff.

Days Get Darker (feat. Bjorn Strid-Soilwork ) – Starts with a aggressive riff likened to modern day metalcore.  Verses are very groovy then come the powerful vocals of Bjorn Strid leading into a very cool clean singing chorus. The mix of vocals in this one make it a very strong song.

Embers Of Paradise – A solid opening with a cool riff section. Verses are really strong with a variation of indeed heavy set riffs. Chorus is a consistent master selection of wicked vocals and riffs. The outro is groove laden which makes it another strong song.

Final Moments Rest – Begins with strong acoustic riffs then quickly moves into a strong heavy opening with a melodic touch. Verse is strong with yet again powerful vocals and a variation of wicked riff. A short but melodic bouncy chorus.

Hand Of Carmenta – Begins strongly like previous songs. I see a comparison between Carcass and Lavidius. The verses are very well structured and what follows is a better structured chorus and another very groove orientated bridge section. I’m really digging this one.

Helisma – This title track begins with crunchy guitars that go straight into the ever present strong vocals over magnificent guitar work. Chorus again is very strong. For a longish song it has plenty to offer to keep you very interested and a nice guitar solo in there makes this a very worthy title song.

Letter To A Friend – Begins with quite a fast beat leading into a flowing verse section with great vocals. Then it moves nicely into the chorus with rolling riffs that are very punchy. There is a short but very wicked double kick section that blasts its way through to a cool outro.

Lovely Lies – Begins again with a strong riff flowing into unique vocals not used by many bands. Into a tripped out chorus section which is again quite melodic flowing back into the verse section seamlessly. I must say Lavidius have made another wicked song here.

Sorry Sweetheart – Starts with a heavy melodic riff section likened again to Carcass but in there are those unique double vocals. The song flows into another wicked chorus that smacks you upside the head.

Tales For Young And Old – Like most of the songs on this album, it starts quickly with awesome punchy verse riffs and vocals that go along with a powerful chorus. This one is more of a growly chorus which I really like. It has quite a bit of catchy guitar and drum sections without vocals.

The Nameless Girl – Starts with creepy vocal wording then transitions into a groove laden verse section that molds into an emotional chorus. It’s another longish song that still manages to keep you very interested every inch of the way coupled with another wicked guitar solo in there which I can say not many bands utilize these days. Combined with the acoustic and heavy guitar outro make it another strong song on this insanely wicked album.

In summarizing this album, I must say I really enjoyed every song immensely. I would encourage any metalhead to pick up this album and give it a listen. Lavidius have certainly cemented themselves as a top act with this album. I am proud to say this album gets a first from me a 5 out 5 roos.

Release Year: 2017
Label: Collision Course
Category: album
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Scott Wells

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