HELLOWEEN: Release New Single ‘Best Time’

The wait is over, the whole metal community and fans worldwide have been waiting for: HELLOWEEN are releasing their new album Helloween!

“With superb songs, a stellar production and supercharged individual performances, Helloween punch the reset button and hit back with an absolute monster of an album”, says Dave Cockett of UK’s FIREWORKS magazine. “All expectations have been fulfilled. There’s nothing nostalgic or dated in this album. ‘Helloween’ defines power metal for the years to come”, adds Hakos Pervanidis of Greek METAL HAMMER. Axel Meuriche of French MY ROCK calls the album “epic, powerful, outstanding. Obviously, THE record that no one would have dare to dream about before.” 

The reactions worldwide are overwhelming. With the highest amount of magazine coverstories and interviews ever at Nuclear Blast, HELLOWEEN also wrote history for their record label. “This album is more than a masterpiece – this album is heavy metal history”, says Markus Staiger, CEO of Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH. “It is my lifetime record, the most important one I have ever been involved in. We have fantastic physical products, we did everything we could – without thinking about budgets or limitations. Everyone involved gave 110% and I am so damn’ proud of this album! In my opinion it is the best one HELLOWEEN ever did!”

HELLOWEEN also release their third single, called ‘Best Time’. Lyrically the song by Sascha Gerstner reminds of the good old days, musically it´s convincing with confident HELLOWEEN style guitar harmonies and a chorus that stays in your long-term memory after hearing it for the first time.

Watch the lyric video for the song: