Hellucination: “Do Ut Des” New Official Video out now

The Italian death metal band, Hellucination, released the official video of the single “Do Ut Des” from their last album “Multiverse” out via Time to Kill Records. Dedicate to Rome, their city, the video represents the allegory of the Eternal City and his citizen.
Produced by Remoto Production, written and directed by Domenico Pisani.

Comment by Francesco Xella (vocalist and guitarist of the band): 
“Do Ut Des is a very special song to me: besides being completely in Italian, it’s about our city, Rome. The Eternal City is full of both light and shadow, in fact, she’s wonderful, beautiful as few others in the world, and she never ceases to amaze you. At the same time, she’s full of contradictions, being the political heart of Italy, of the catholic church and with neighbourhoods both extremely rich and very unprivileged. This video, through a very obscure metaphor, depicts this very duplicitous nature and my love-hate relationship with her, a world capital hiding corruption and distress behind every street corner.”

And the director, Domenico Pisani, comments: 
“When I narrate my stories I am always inspired by metaphors and allegories. For this video, I initially had a totally different idea. Then I had an epiphany. It was a t-shirt from the group to inspire me. I wanted to narrate the fragility and decadence in which the city of Rome finds itself through the animal symbol of the town. While analyzing the lyrics of the song (Do ut des), I tried to dissect its deeper meaning and turn it into images.”

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