Hidden Intent – Dead End Destiny (Album Review)

Hidden Intent

In this sun-bleached land of Australia, it has long been a tradition here, that due to the tyranny of distance we have made our own unique sound. In all forms of music, it is very much our sound. Here in the latest fast-paced and in your face outing from Adelaide’s own thrash kings Hidden Intent, it is very much that. The title track Dead End Destiny tackles the thorny subject of drought and sonically it is driven and heavy. If you have spent any time in Adelaide in the summer you will understand. And What a great score for the boys getting the legends that are Michael Stützer Hansen and Kræn Meier from Danish thrash pioneers and bloody all-round good guys Artillery to perform on the title track. After being one of the lucky few to see their first Australian shows and to go backstage with the lads, I know first hand how these legends enjoy helping spread the word of Thrash. I myself spent a good while drooling over Kræn Meier’s Gibson Flying V.

Now I like my thrash to throttle the speed to 11 and blow my speakers. Humour is a must for me these lads have this in spades. Pub Feed a cover of QLD punk band The Chats classic take on a good night out. I would say the only song in the metal lexicon to name-check Chicken Parmigiana and bowl of chips n sauce. Sampling Slayers Reigning Blood intro as the song fades out and the sound of a typical outback pub rumbles into the night over the top. For our overseas readers, you may need to Google some of it. It’s too fruity for this family web page HAHAHA it is one of the best metal to punk covers I have ever heard.

This takes nothing away from the sheer quality of the music on offer here, if you like your music a little more serious don’t worry this has it too. Musically the boys have absorbed all the best bits of Slayer, Megadeath, Exodus and many more to produce one of if not the best sounding thrash records this country has produced in a very long time. The mix is very educated and far tighter than a lot of its more expensive counterparts. I do love a band that’s not scared to put the Drums and bass forward in the mix. This shows signs of a band very comfortable in the ability of their guitars and vocals not to get lost in the thickness of it all. Time and time again in this record I got the feeling that each member was trading lick for lick with each other. Constantly trying to urge each other to lift, lift and lift some more.

There are some SOLID GOLD CLASSICS here; if you cannot party to Pub Grub and Get A Dog Up Ya then I’m afraid you may need a fun transplant and a visit from the party police. The magic they have made is like lightning in a bottle it’s a swift 8 tracks that run in at 28 minutes. It will hang around just long enough for you to buy it a pint and challenge to an arm wrestle that you are most defiantly going to lose. Before it stumbles into the night, grab it buy it and play it LOUD!

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans

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