Hold the Breath – 77k (Single Review)

Hold the Breath is a progressive metalcore band from Casablanca, Morocco, founded in 2011, mixing multiple influences, from old school death metal to progressive metal, passing by deathcore, metalcore and all things metal.

The wait is finally over !! The long-awaited Hold the Breath release has finally arrived, and boy, the wait was totally worth it (don’t make us wait as much for the next release tho). The progressive metalcore band from Casablanca delivers, and it’s a technical/melodic banger that has everything a metalcore song requires, from catchy melodies to technical progressions, progressive patterns and a structure that goes on and on without ever boring you, and various vibes to the song, where you can feel the multitude of influences the band has, from old school melodic death metal melodies to Meshuggah-ish progressive breakdown. I can remember myself banging my head to the breakdown live, and feeling that punch in the gut that makes you clench your fist and unleash the « Hulk » mode in the pit, and being subtly brought back to the epic melodies that accompany you throughout the song. It’s that balance between destructive parts and musical virtuosity that makes that band so unique, and I remember being blown away by that since the first show I attended.

The technical mastery of the instruments is beyond doubt one of the best you could see in the Moroccan scene. The production suits the genre’s standards, but the vocals are a bit overwhelming in the mix, and if the bass had more space, the song would’ve been served better. I personally have a reservation with the guitar tones, as it doesn’t have enough character in my humble opinion, it could be more aggressive and the song would take another dimension of brutality and aggression, and it would suit the destructive riffing parts better.
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Hold the Breath is one of the oldest and most talented active metal bands in Morocco, and this is only the second release in nearly 8 years. One would expect more consistency from a generation-defining metal band in Morocco, seeing the level and musical ability of its members, as they have a lot more to give, and it would be a waste not to see more on a more regular basis.

It is with great pride and excitement that I enjoyed this release, and I’m looking forward to an upcoming EP or LP from  Hold the Breath !
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Hold the Breath: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Single
Country: Marocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE