Houle – Houle (Album Review)

Release Date: November 18th 2022 - LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS

Houle – Houle

Transferring the struggles of man against the overwhelming forces of nature and the immensity of the ocean is Houle. This French collective aspires to convey the emotions and epic images of a vast and unrelenting journey on this debut release.

Stylistically ranging from pure cold black metal to a rock-infused melodic sensibility and long respites of atmosphere and restrained elegance Houle (to lift up or move) make great use of their ocean samples and their native language to craft a tale that is rich and exotic. It is also cold and razor-sharp the main riff from ‘’ Au Loin La Tempête’’ (Away the Storm) is particularly savage and unrelenting and the band’s darkest moment, reflective of nature’s turmoil and man’s hopelessness against it. The percussion is textured and also capable of some excellent blasting that adds some dynamics to the evocative and emotional nature of the album

‘’La Dernière Traversée’’ (The Last crossing) is where the subtlety and textures merge perfectly with the darkened sharp riffing that is penetrating and suffocating. The restrained drumming and slight picking present a calm serenity of a still ocean from the preceding storms, the hidden clean vocals an inflection of nature’s cry during the more chaotic sections. The punk rock-powered ‘’Sous l’Astre Noir” (Beneath the Dark Star) is an optimistic closer yet still full of Adsagsona’s tortured vocals

Houle is a complete work that is atmospheric and is able to combine unhinged fury with tempered passages of serenity. Houle presents the evolution of black metal in a new direction that represents another side of nature that is vast multifaceted and unconquerable.

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Release Year: 2022
Category: Album
Country: France

Reviewed by Sparky