HYDROGYN: Streaming a new song, “Hostage”, due to the Covid-19 pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic far from releasing mankind from its clutches, there was no better time than to release a shard of light into the growing darkness with the approach of “Hostage” by the American Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal band, Hydrogyn, featuring their new vocalist, Holly Hines Freed.

Cold, yet heart moving, and made to perfection in times like these, “Hostage” captures the listener’s heart and soul, yet not merely like any greasy balladry, it leaves one thinking of the future and what is to happen next.

Guitarist Jeff Westlake, who wrote the song along with vocalist Holly Freed, comments: “The song started out as an idea I had to do a song that was just all vocals. I gave that idea to Holly and she ran with it. We worked the song out sitting on a couch in the studio. After that Holly did her thing but liked the acoustic in it so we kept it. It is a very powerful song lyrically and delivered in true Holly fashion with everything it needed.

Suddenly there has become a very real adversary that has invaded our entire world. Sadly, though, fear has become an equal, if not greater, pandemic. Fear multiplies itself. But we are empowered to either suppress it or be taken hostage by it. This song was written from the perspective of fear as an entity, and is dedicated to the men and women on the front lines who fight the good fight so that we may soon return to our regularly scheduled lives.”

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