Hyperomm: The Russian melodic death metaller released video “We Made Because We Could”

The Russian melodic death metal act HYPEROMM released the new single and music video We Made Because We Could” inspired by the “Aliens” universe. 

This release is a result of an experiment that HYPEROMM did on their YouTube channel. Anton Trubin, founder and only member of HYPEROMM, streamed his creative process of production and recording the track from scratch online. This single was composed and recorded in 6 days. 

Lyric in this track is inspired by the “Alien” universe, specifically Ridley Scott’s film “Prometheus”. You can hear original dialog from this movie between robot-android David and dr. Holloway.

The video was also made by Anton in a very short time.

“This theme is so inspired me I didn’t stop on the music only and decided to use my skills in motion design and shooting to create a video clip. I just put the camera in front of me and shot myself in several images. I did futuristically image on post-production that blurring the line between future robots and humans,” comments Trubin on the creative process.

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