Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release Self-titled EP Today

“Today, Australian death/thrash metal newcomers Idle Ruin release their self-titled debut. Get the EP here:

Singer Liam states about the EP: “This is just a four-song, bite-sized collection of Idle Ruin’s music. With Idle Ruin being an all-new project I didn’t want to dive into a full-length album straight away. People have responded really well to our pre-release single “The Devil’s Trade”, which has been given a lot of airplay and some flattering reviews. So I hope these remaining three songs don’t disappoint.”


Idle Ruin plays aggressive and hard-hitting music that could be best described as death metal crossed with blackened thrash. That explains their choice of the recording studio: “We recorded the Idle Ruin EP at Black Blood Audio with Descent guitarist Brendan “Pip” Auld. They’re a relatively new studio in Brisbane who specialise in a lot of death metal and hardcore punk, which seemed fitting for us. Brendan was very active in helping get a great sound out of us. I can’t recommend him enough” 

Excerpts from media feedback:

” There’s no real point searching further for improvement points because this thing rips.” 85/100 Skull Fracturing Metal

this band is ready to be Australian next finest!” Patchman Marco – Headbangers Zine, Gigs & Records

” The future of Idle Ruin is written in blood and carved in stone. They are set to break out and plague the Globe”  [8/10] DJ Vapour – Metal Noise

” Idle Ruin make war, not love and across its brief run-time, the neck muscles will be sent into overdrive. “
Carl ‘The Disc’ Fisher – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

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1.Whipped to Death
2.Spiritual Contagion
3.The Devil’s Trade
4.Gods of Glass

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