In Malice’s Wake – The Blindness of Faith (Album Review)

If you are missing the feeling of being in a mosh pit, then this album will make you feel the full spectrum of those emotions. Once the first track, the title track of the album, begins you may just find yourself saying to hell with it and holding your own personal pit in your room. Melbourne thrash veterans In Malice’s Wake are back with their new album and in a live music starved world, after listening to The Blindness of Faith I feel like the void is being filled somewhat. This album is everything you want in a thrash album with blistering guitar solos, fast and heavy drums and an energy that is unmatched. Lyrically, In Malice’s Wake send a strong message of the darker and more sinister side of religion and while that is not a topic that is new to metal overall, they manage to pull it off without falling into the many cliches that can come with singing about such themes.

One thing that stands out and it is something that really puts the band’s maturity into focus is just how well the album is produced, and when it comes to a well-crafted metal album when the production value is at a high level, you get the joy of nothing being lost. There are many highlights across the different instruments, but it is hard to get past just how dynamic the guitars are throughout the entire album. Into the Outer Darkness is a stand-out, even though the guitar solo is short, the riffs are punchy and often have you subconsciously making your best guitar face. Another absolute incredible track, especially in terms of the guitars is the last song on the album Gehenna. This track along with Ritual Slaughter would have to be two of the most powerful songs on the album, with the rhythm team really driving it and creating an epic atmosphere.

All in all, thrash is one of those genres that have been conquered and pioneered by some of the biggest names in metal, so it is always exciting when you hear a band take those elements we have all come to love and create their own signature sound from it. This is definitely an album that is a must-listen and shows just why In Malice’s Wake are one of Australia‚Äôs best metal acts.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Kayla Hamilton