Incrypt – Thrashing Extinction (Album Review)

Release Date: February 25th 2022 - Wormholedeath Records

Incrypt - Thrashing Extinction

Incrypt is a thrash metal band from Australia formed in 1999 releasing four albums – ‘Masterpiece’ (2010), ‘The Victim Is You’ (2014), ‘Eyes Upon This World’ (2017), and 2022’s ‘Thrashing Extinction’.

Known for their blistering live shows, Incrypt unleashes their crushing new album ‘Thrashing Extinction’ – eleven savage songs in under forty minutes! The band hurtles through the album at breakneck speed, giving mosh pits everywhere a reason to violently headbang. But before the barrage of savagery is unleashed, ‘Thrashing Mankind’ comes to life with the menacing ‘Skulking’ – a terrifying crescendo of fear-laden tension. And then boom! The title song ‘Thrashing Extinction’ comes crashing in like a massive wrecking ball in full swing – devastating everything it hits. And that includes any listeners not prepared for the bone snapping, skull-crushing rage unleashed by the band. A truly brutal blow to start with, Incrypt doesn’t let up the furious rage for a second – quickly storming on with the groove metaller ‘Ultimate Downunder Attack’. Proceeding to gain pace, ‘Ultimate Downunder Attack’ slams listeners with brute force, causing injuries left, right, and fucking center. I’d book your place at the local A&E department now – cause I think if you wait till the end of the album, it’s gonna be rammed!

Majestic groove thrash comes to the fore, as heaviness reaches new heights with ‘Pushed Beyond Breaking’, which methinks the band is aiming to do to your body. And what a fucking aim they have! Hitting the sweet spot time and time again, Incrypt is getting inside the hearts of every thrash metal fan in every corner of the globe (err, corners! Globe! You know what I mean). And have you heard the expression “does exactly what it says on the tin”? Good – then you’ll understand when I say ‘Open This Pit’ does exactly what it says! Every single mosh pit everywhere will be open within seconds of hearing ‘Open This Pit’ – a fast and furious gallop of frenetic thrash. Unless you’re a die-hard metal fan with great stamina, you’re gonna want to pace yourself or get exterminated by the barrage of savagery unleashed by these angry Aussie metallers. ‘Extermination’ is next up, and it’ll likely do the job – and bloody well enjoy it too! The brutality level since the album began has been savage, not letting up for a second, and I reckon it ain’t going to either!

Dropping a gear but not the savagery, Incrypt stamp aggressively on with ‘Point Evolution’, stabbing and slicing their way forward, tearing away at the senses of every listener. Blood will be spilled methinks! Hope you have plenty of band-aids to hand – you’re gonna need ’em. ‘Stars Of The Southern Land’ comes to life with a much more “heavy metal” feel than thrash, yet the vocals remain gruff and menacing. The slowest song heard so far, ‘Stars Of The Southern Land’ retains the aggressive heavy-hitting nature felt throughout the album so far. The recent more upfront and in-your-face style is carried on by ‘Ghost Hour Chimes’ – proceeding to change up a couple of gears to become a fierce foray of angst and anger. The band put their all in, to deliver a breathless rampage of roaring thrash. I don’t even think firing on all cylinders is good enough to describe this one!

And what are your first impressions of a song with “chaotic” in the title? Well, if they’re the same as mine – you’re exactly right. For ‘Chaotic Freedom Remains’ is a chaotic cacophony of savage thrash. And I believe it’s a bit of a party anthem too – with the line “today we party, and drink all day” a rabble-rousing war cry to everyone to meet down the pub for a few schooners, bevies, and pints! Down the hatch! And in what seems like no time at all, we come hurtling to the final song, the fast-paced ‘Declaration’, with Incrypt finishing the album as it began – in a bone snapping, skull-crushing rage! If you’re looking for a breathless barrage of thrash to give your neck muscles a vigorous workout, just pop ‘Thrashing Extinction’ (the album) into your CD player, and turn the volume right up!

Overall, a savage barrage of brutality and aggression, Incrypt delivers a rip-roaring roller coaster of thrash metal.


Thrashing Extinction
Ultimate Downunder Attack
Pushed Beyond Breaking
Open This Pit
Point Evolution
Stars Of The Southern Land
Ghost Hour Chimes
Chaotic Freedom Remains

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.