Heresiarch – Incursion (Album Review)

Heresiarch’s compilation release Incursion could possibly be the darkest metal I have ever heard. I think this release needs to come with a warning label that says – CAUTION: do not listen to while pregnant or while operating heavy machinery as it may cause sudden loss of soul and/or religious belief. And for you seasoned listeners out there, boy does this band deliver.

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Essentially, the album is made up of blast beats, droning tremolo guitars and barely audible vocal screeches broken up with the occasional slow-chunky riff. The production value is quite low, but when you’re on the black side of things, it’s always hard to know if that is part of its charm or not. Personally, I struggle with it, but seasoned black metal listeners will have no issue in donning on their $300 headphones and waiting for the next bus into the city.

I recently was given the privilege of being on a bill with a black metal band of this standard, and I have to say that the experience was amazing.

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If you don’t like the genre, go and watch a band like this life, because these recordings just don’t do them justice. The real energy of these bands is the snare thumbing into your chest, the sudden shock that is the vocals piercing your brain and the overwhelming feeling you get from the guitars droning yet done with precision. Suitable for those who wear more corpse paint at a funeral than the person who died.

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Release Year: 2019
Label: Krucyator Productions
Category: Album
Country: New Zealand

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri