Septillion – Inheritance (Album Review)

  1. THIS BARREN LAND – a wicked intro with crows and a guitar drop to equal a Harley Davidson rev.
  2. WHERE THE SUN BURNS – wicked intro riff. This song has a Cradle of Filth feel to it. Dynamic riffs with demanding attention vocals are very cool indeed.
  3. ALL HAIL THE KING – starts with a very quick and aggressive riff section followed by an ever-changing verse that smacks the taste out of your mouth. The chorus is excellent followed by a groovy but heavy ending to equal the start.
  4. GODLESS CONGREGATION – excellent opening, ferocious blast beats with the ever-present strong vocals. Chorus is very melodic again with a cross between a Cradle of Filth and Behemoth. I love the way “God is dead” is sung.
  5. MALPHAS – another ferocious but melodic opening. The verse is as heavy as a dump truck full of gold. I really like it. A nice offbeat chorus to equal any top of the line melodic black death metal band with a fast outro riff.
  6. NO CHURCH OF MINE – a memorable organ intro with a very similar riff to modern deathcore. Following is a fast verse riff section likened to Behemoth. A very cool chorus followed by the wicked opening riff. An eerie organ bridge section and I love the battle feel outro.
  7. A WOLF AMONG THE SHEEP – an opening riff that sounds like old school Megadeth with a strong and aggressive chorus with the growling of “A WOLF AMONG THE SHEEP”. Following is a dual riff reminiscent of Metallica. The outro goes back to the very cool old school Megadeth riff – quite a groove orientated.
  8. CALL OF THE WILD – a nice acoustic intro followed by a very quick intro riff that flows into a jumpy verse section. Yet again, an awesomely aggressive chorus that then flows into a “put your horns up” bridge and then into the very aggressive punchy outro.

You could easily say that Septillion has made their presence felt and set their mark with this very cool album.

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Release Year: 2016
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Wells