INTERVIEW: Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil looks back on Comalies album 20 years later

Interview by Andrew Massie

Lacuna Coil

Back in 2002, Lacuna Coil released an album titled “Comalies” which is now undeniably an anthem laden millennial classic that established them as a band with the stamina to go the distance and much of the climbing that still lay ahead back then. Now, 20 years later, Lacunca Coil decided to revisit the songs, but not to just re-record the songs as they were, but deconstruct and transport them into 2022. We talk to vocalist Andrea Ferro about the new recording “Comalies XX” as he shares insight into the success of the original album plus we talk abut their upcoming appearance in Australia for the Good Things Festival.


On getting back to touring again since the pandemic:

It feels great because the pandemic was something so unexpected and weird for everybody. In the beginning we were almost fine because we stay home and we never got to stay home for so long with family so I don’t want to stay we enjoyed it but we kind of had times to do other things that we normally don’t do but then in the second year of the pandemic it was getting weird and we didn’t know where and when and if it was starting again.

What made the band decide to re-record ‘Comalies’ for the 20 year anniversary:

We knew that the 20th anniversary was coming and we got the offer from the label to do the classic remaster and we didn’t think it was such an enthusiastic thing to do and so we would rather do something more experimental and take the songs, deconstruct them and adapt them to the current lineup of the band, the current sound of the band and see how they would sound with this approach bringing the record into 2022.

On the success of the Comalies album and whether the band expected it to be what it became:

Absolutely not because obviously we were this little gothic metal band from Italy. We signed a deal with Century Media which was already an unexpected thing because there were not many bands from Italy back in the 90’s that were getting popular so we were very surprised.


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