INTERVIEW: D.D. Verni – Overkill

Interview by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

DD Verni

Overkill songwriter and bassist D.D. Verni will be releasing his long awaited debut album worldwide through Mighty Music on October 12th. His first effort has a host of guitar players doing guest spots on the record. Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Mike Romeo (Symphony X), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Steve Leonard (Almost Queen) and Andre “Virus” Karkos (Dope), who also contributed the rhythm guitar tracks. We get a few words from D.D. Verni himself on the new release.


Metal-Roos: How does your first solo album Barricade differ from an Overkill album?​

DD: In most every way.  Songs are very different and the sounds are very different.  It’s a completely different thing.  Overkill is really about aggression, and while Barricade has a lot of energy isn’t aggressive like Overkill. It is probably has more melody to this as well, because the of the rock and punk stuff in it.

Metal-Roos: Going solo for an album under your own name can be a daunting experience. Was that case and how were your emotions at the start of this project?

DD: I don’t really see it that way. The fact that its called a solo record to me is just a title.  I see this as another avenue to put out the songs that I have been working on.  I am so used to doing a lot of stuff, even with Overkill, that this was pretty smooth sailing as far as writing and recording, even down the the art work and photos etc.  Like I said, I am has used to doing all that with Overkill.

Metal-Roos: What did the other band members in Overkill think about you going solo for an album?

DD: Probably they have not thought about it much at all haha.  They have their own things going on, and we are right in the middle of mixing this new Overkill record so I’m gonna say they have not thought much about it.  Plus they haven’t heard it yet so I’ll get em a copy at some point.  My releationship with all the guys is real good, so there is never and issue doing outside things.  Derek and Dave both played on a few Bronx Casket Co songs, Ron played drums on this, Blitz has done other things… it’s all good.

Metal-Roos: Barricade is full of guest appearance different it to work with those guys? Have you worked together with any of them before?

DD: I worked with Mike Romeo before many times.  He’s A Jersey guy, lives not that far from me.  He played on a ton of Bronx Casket Co things, and has done orchestration things before as well.  The other guys I had not worked with.  I had been doing a musical a few years back and Angus from TSO played in the band for that so I knew him from there, and a bunch of the other guys a have known threw the years from touring etc.  But some guys like Bruce from Trouble, I had never met.  I just called him out of the blue and said hey would you be up for doing a solo on a song… which he was, so it was great.  All the guys were very gracious to contribute to the record.

Metal-Roos: Why did you decide to have so many guests on your album?

DD: I just thought it would be fun.  Me, Ron and Virus did all the songs as far as drums, bass and rhythm guitars, so that was a good solid base.  But bringing different styles and ideas in for solos just seemed like a cool idea.  I know I would love that on someones record.  Reminded me of that Slash record where he had a different singers on each song.

Metal-Roos: Are you going to tour? If so, when can we expect you in Australia?

DD: Well, we’ll see.  I am excited for the possibility of doing some shows, but like anything else has to be the right opportunity.  Fun thing would be to put a band together, I would probably start making calls and see who was around and who might be up for it… would be fun to have different guys each time, something cool for the fans.


Interview Date: 2018-09-20

Interviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham