INTERVIEW: From Hiatus to Healer: Job For A Cowboy’s Jonny Davy Tells All!

Interview by Jai 'Jaimunji' Setright


Join us for an in-depth interview as Job For A Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy sits down with Jaimunji of Metal Roos to delve into the making of their highly anticipated new album “Moon Healer”! Discover the creative process, insights into the band’s hiatus, and what lies ahead for the future. Subscribe to Metal Roos and hit the notification bell to catch all the latest updates!

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Job For a Cowboy - moon healer


01. Beyond the Chemical Doorway
02. Etched in Oblivion
03. Grinding Wheels of Ophanim
04. The Sun Gave Me Ashes so I Sought Out the Moon
05. Into the Crystalline Crypts
06. A Sorrow-Filled Moon
07. The Agony Seeping Storm
08. The Forever Rot