INTERVIEW: Geoffrey Oleary – Pistonfist

Interview by Dan Catania


Dan talked with Geoffrey Oleary from Pistinfist about their album, upcoming shows and more.

Metal-Roos: Congratulations on the debut album release of “Redline”. How has the feedback and reaction been since the release?

Geoffrey: Thanks Dan, we are really stoked with the album. The response has been really amazing & we couldn’t be happier. 

Metal-Roos: PistonFist launched their debut album with a gig with Frankenbok in July. It’s an awesome way to kick off your launch tour by playing with an Aussie legendary band. What were the memorable highlights from that weekend?

Geoffrey: Haha funny you should ask. Benny our super talented drummer fell sick on the first night and spent hours in hospital so we didn’t get to play our first show at Scotty’s Garage. Luckily for us the next night at Sunbury soundstage was epic, and Jimmy & I joining the Bok on stage for a cover of Cream ‘Sunshine of your love’ was an absolute highlight. 

Metal-Roos: I listened to the album for the first time while driving to Sydney. The first thing I love about the music is that it is so much fun to listen to when driving. Is made for cruising. Think I was going over the speed limit at some stage. It got that rock/metal vibe going. What was the inspiration for the creativity and the production process during the album?

Geoffrey: So it definitely changed over time, as it was a 2 year venture from start to finish. But definitely the cars thing is high on my list of cool shit to write about, but…. There’s a lot of positivity on the album. Talking about pushing yourself and not listening to the bullshit etc. 

Metal-Roos: From the new record, is there a particular song (songs) that you look back on and can be proud of how it evolved over time?

Geoffrey: ‘Become the rage’ and ‘Rise up’ are definitely 2 songs that I am proud of, not just because of the end product but for what they stand for. 

Metal-Roos: PistonFist also released some music videos, “Landslide” and the album’s title track “Redline”. Both videos are awesome, by the way. Very different to one another. How do you get your ideas for your music videos?

Geoffrey: We have also released ‘Rise up’ , ‘Dig in’ and ‘Resent the day’ which were all released over the last 2 years in the lead up to the album launch & while our ideas differed (and the budget factor )we we’re definitely happy with the live, foot to the floor, no bullshit feel to the videos. 

Metal-Roos: Visual presentation is one of the important tools for any band to present themselves with their music. Kyle Watson produces the majority of your music videos. What is the one thing that the band loves working with him and what does Kyle bring to the table that attracts the band to work with under his production?

Geoffrey: Kyle’s work ethic & ideas/foresight just work. He is great to work with just gets it. 

Metal-Roos: What have been the major highlights/achievements for PistonFist since the band’s inception?

Geoffrey: The album is huge! Blackened Festival was astounding , supporting ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ & ‘Janes Addiction’ was an absolute highlight, touring with ‘Frankenbok’ and so many more. 

Metal-Roos: The “Redline” Album launch tour is still happening, with shows coming up for Metal United World Wide in Bundaberg, The Numetal Mayhem Australia and Aotearoa Tour and Gladstone Metal Festival in Queensland. Exciting times for PistonFist. How excited is the band about the coming shows?

Geoffrey: Oh mate, so excited. Well while we might be touring a lot, there’s lots of gigs /venues that we haven’t played in these particular tours. And touring with Anders Colsefini (Slipnot),Waylon Reavis (Mushroom head), Kaosis , and Sin Soto is an absolute honour and we’re really pumped. 

Metal-Roos: Part of the NuMetal Mayhem Australia and Aotearoa Tour. PistonFist is going over the ditch to play in New Zealand. Is there any plans for PistonFist to expand their music with a US/European tour?

Geoffrey: We are working on Europe at this point. We are hoping to get some dates locked in before the end of this year. 

Metal-Roos: Finally, for readers who are reading this interview and hearing PistonFist for the first time and have got their tickets for any of your upcoming shows for the rest of 2023, expect to see once you start CHUGGING your music?

Geoffrey: Hopefully a lot of moshing,a lot of sweat and afterwards a lot of wrecked necks! And hopefully some positivity and a fun time.