INTERVIEW: Nzambi – The Zombie God – Miruthan

Interview by Sparky

Miruthan interview

Sparky had a chat with Nzambi – The Zombie God from Dark folklore & Blackened Death Metallers Miruthan regarding how it come all together, the upcoming EP Cult of Deat and more!


Metal-Roos: What led to the creation of the cult that is Miruthan?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Miruthan was an idea of mine (Nzambi”s) for years, I had toured in more punk and rockabilly style bands but really had this whole idea and storyline ready to go. I am glad it has happened now as I think my songwriting has stepped up a level so I can really give the songs my all.

Metal-Roos: The idea to combine folklore with darkened death metal?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: I wanted to go pretty elaborate in the ideas as well as the music. The songs are quite intricate and lots of preproduction has gone into these, as well as the storyline. We do take it in a comedic way but also try and keep a constant and detailed folklore happening.

Metal-Roos: You are not just a band but a collective?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: This is totally correct, there really is more to this than just a “band”. 4 of us work our day jobs together as well as the band. We spend a lot of time crafting the stage show or costumes as well as the standard band logistics. Rehearsals are 1-2 times per week so we are always in each others pockets. But we love it.

Metal-Roos: The fittest survivors from a dystopian future where it is a desperate struggle for survivors?

In the folklore, we are the fittest and smartest. And lead the way. We are very open to cult members, hence the catchphrase we use “Join The Cult That Is Miruthan” we want followers as does every band!

Metal-Roos: How did you survive the experience and has it caused mutation? Hence the reference to Miruthan? The Animal Man or zombie?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Aghhh well this is the thing! As far as people know we are human, But are we?  We have a pet zombie that is in the form of our singer “The Ghost” and our 2nd singer has control over him so he doesn’t bite us. But we can use him to lead the pack through other zombies as they just see it as one of their own. I write every song meticulously following the storyline as I go. Like chapters of an ancient book. We even carry small leather books on stage that is like our version of our “Bible” it carries the hymns that we sing.

Metal-Roos: “Cult of the Dead” is the debut EP.  It is a recording and celebration of survival or a cautionary tale?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: So the E.P was written after the album, we have the full length fully written and demoed

The E.p is a cautionary tale and we are learning what the world actually is at this stage. We find all the members of the crew and start getting cult members along the way.

Metal-Roos: The inspiration to merge your tales with blackened death metal?  Did you discover the style or is it something that courses through the veins of the collective?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: I would like to think we have discovered a style, I think we are as much punk as we are Blackened Death. I have been asking people at our shows and the answer always is you just sound like Miruthan and for me that is the best answer that could ever be given, of course there is some inspiration of some bigger bands and movies and all that awesome stuff.

Metal-Roos: It also has some haunting ambience, some respite to the apocalypse or memorium?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: It really is written with respite of live shows as well as the listener of the E.P. It really is an assault on the ears, and I really wanted to have some down time lets the ears recover then hit again.

Metal-Roos: It is the first part of the mythos that is Miruthan?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Yeah this story really is only the beginning, and we have a massive folklore and song structure written. I have already started writing album number 2 before album 1 is even recorded. We start the album recording before the E.P even hits the shelves.

Metal-Roos: Is it purely a world without hope as on ‘’ Land of the Damned’’ which has been re-recorded for this release?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Land of the Damned is where we realise that the world truly has gone to shit. We realise we can’t be the good guys and gals we set out to be. We realise we need to take what we need and only trust gut instinct on who we allow into our camp.

And yeah, the first release of Land of the Damned really was a demo, it just came out quite well, so we thought let’s get this out to the world and see what it does! But now we re-recorded the drums as well as all the instruments and vocals.

Metal-Roos: The intensity of your music and the growth of the cult through your live shows?

We use it leading up to shows and in our live set and people “Cult Members” really find it fun and refreshing. It really is meant for fun, we get the odd super religious person that feels we need saving, but it is all a story we live out and actually has no religious content. But our shows are really quite intense and relentless, so our crowd just love it and give it their energy each show as well.

Metal-Roos: What is next for Miruthan?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Miruthan are set to realise the album as I spoke, we wanted to release the E.p on our own and see where we could get with the album so preproduction starts on the album this coming week and Music videos as well as live video performances will be released. We have some big plans and a driven team of Cult members so its gonna be exciting.

Metal-Roos: Top 6 albums of all time?

Nzambi – The Zombie God: Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the mutilated

What an album, it is where I really started to love Death Metal and some bangers on this album too. Obviously, hammer smashed face is a classic and so it should be.

Obituary- Slowly we rot.

Such a well-written album by kids really at the time, I got to meet John Tardy and talk about this album not long ago and how it was written and his mum’s garage that is was crafted in, just means heaps when you get to chat those things over with the ones that wrote ‘em’

Behemoth- The Satanist

A masterpiece of Nergal’s, I think his writing really came into its own on this release, not saying older albums are not great just this one hits hard. It is always on rotation.

Reverend Horton heat- Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear

My psycho Billy roots really set in on the release of this album, I toured for years playing this style of music and it still sits in my heart and will always play this album, the guitar work on this release is amazing, taking that 50’s style but really bringing the 90’s to the songs and structures.

Rancid -And out come the wolves.

This is my heart and soul in this album, every song is a banger and well written and the raw attitude is unrelenting, I was quite professional as a musician by this stage so it didn’t create my influences, but it did harbor where I came from and what I stood for.

Lastly Screaming Jay Hawkins- Cow fingers and Mosquito pie.

This album from screaming jay for me is as metal and punk rock as any of these other albums for its time 56 and around that year and coming out with I put a spell on you? What an ambassador for punk and metal alike. He was on the outer in the music world for that film clip that came out and called a weirdo. Just like many of these bands creating this kinda of music we speak of here for their time.

Metal-Roos: Thnaks for taking the time Nzambi – The Zombie God