INTERVIEW: Wednesday 13 talks Horrifier album, movie soundtracks and touring

Wednesday 13

Heavy horror punk icon WEDNESDAY 13 has slithered his way to the top of the horrendous heights of rock, punk and metal with his electrifying solo music and as frontman of renowned horror punk supergroup Murderdolls, amassing a colossal cult-following along the way. On October 7, 2022, the undisputed harbinger of metal horror returns with Horrifier – a brand new slathering of 11 terrifyingly grim and groovy anthems to get blood pumping and brains melting!

We caught up with the man himself to talk all about the new album, how previous album Necrophaze got lost during the pandemic, his favorite movie soundtracks and some news on an Australian tour.


On the single “Insides Out” being so heavy and the gory video with it:

It’s probably the heaviest song of our career and when I first heard the music I went, ‘This sounds like a horror movie, I gotta put some good words to it’. [On the video] I always have a tongue in cheek kind of thing but this is pretty brutal. It wasn’t necessarily made after any particular movie scene, when I think of that kind of torture scene it reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 when Leatherface is taunting the lady with the mask.

On having previous album Necrophaze get lost in the mix when the pandemic started:

No it was the weirdest thing because we put so much work into that record and we had just two tours to play songs from that but it wasn’t our own tour so we were the support act. When the pandemic hit and once everybody started seeing it was going from one month to two months to then the year is cancelled I was like, ‘Man this record is dead, there’s nothing you can do with it.’ So it was like well on to the next one.

On his favorite movie soundtrack:

It’s gotta be a John Carpenter one so it’s really hard to pick but I really like his Escape From New York one, there’s really cool stuff on that and there’s one track in particular called The Bank Robbery which just makes you want to dance, it’ sa got a cool thing to it.


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