Irish grindcore/death metal legends Abaddon Incarnate announce new album “The Wretched Sermon”

Abaddon Incarnate

Irish grindcore/death metal legends Abaddon Incarnate are releasing a brand new full length – “The Wretched Sermon“, after a gap of eight years, with the last one coming out way back in 2014 on Candlelight Records. Since their inception in the early ’90s, they’ve augmented their sound by adding elements to make it even more effective and varied without diminishing their intensity. This is possibly the best expression of the grindcore/death metal hybrid that they’ve achieved thus far.

Having been active since the ’90s, Irish grindcore/death metal legends have only perfected their sound over the years, creating a quintessential blend of both the styles. They’ve come a long way from their explosive, highly caustic album ‘Nadir’ that put them on the map and have since then imbibed more death metal influences to improve upon their expression, adding better structure and nuance to their music.

On their latest full length, their sixth, they’ve expanded upon their sound like never before, injecting myriad elements from thrash riffing to atmospheric passages and stringing them together using staggering transitions, and turning it into a fascinating beast of an album. Every song here offers something different, some even climaxing into a terrific breakdown or shapeshifting into something mind-blowing. The Wretched Sermon is easily their most diverse and expressive album yet, meticulously written to flesh out every nuance, while keeping things brisk and intense. Abaddon Incarnate are in top form here, crafting a potent and relevant album that’s bound to go down as one of the best ones in this grindcore/death metal vein in recent years.



Abaddon Incarnate - The Wretched Sermon