IRIST: Debut second single ‘Severed’ from upcoming album!

Emerging Georgia metal band IRIST has released the second single, ‘Severed’, from their heavily anticipated album, “Order Of The Mind”, that’s out March 27th from Nuclear Blast. The band’s recent upward trajectory can be traced just a few short weeks back to the premiere of their crushing first single, Burning Sage‘, which set the metal scene ablaze with its rousing infusion of progressive metal and vitriol hardcore that “explore the endless avenues of technical, crafted facepunch, multilayered production approach, even bits of South American folklore” ( Now, the band follows with another massive track, ‘Severed’, that further demonstrates dynamic songwriting, lyrical depth and the power of their riffs on their “breathtaking debut” (
Discussing the meaning behind the new song, vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho says, “‘Severed’ is about transcendence. It is a dark song that talks about detachment from material things and connecting with nature. It’s supernatural vibe contrasts with aggressive elements that make for a moody yet commanding song.”
Watch the video for “Severed” here:

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