Ironstone: Australian Progressive Metal Band Release New Video/Single Downpour

Australian progressive metal band IRONSTONE is set to release their debut EP Prophecy on 29 May 2020. Today they are thrilled to present Downpour, a new single and video from Prophecy. The video was premiered at yesterday.

“In the past, Down Under has delighted us with AC/DC, Silverchair and Airbourne – the musical future could be called Ironstone.”
Ralfi Ralf –

“one debut that outshines all the others so far has to be Prophecy an EP by Australian Progressive Metallers Ironstone. To say it’s remarkable is an understatement especially when it comes to your attention that this is by a group of teenagers, it is mind-blowing” 
Seb Di Gatto – The Metal Gods Meltdown

The band states: “Downpour was written quite a while ago and has developed over time. We incorporated an eastern theme to create the atmosphere of a heavy, monsoonal storm. We loved the idea of filming a music video in pouring rain, which was actually a major incentive to write the song. The lyrics deal with missing the early signs of trouble and then suddenly finding yourself immersed in a bad situation. The song is really about the beauty of hindsight! “

Downpour is both aggressive and melodic, with a djent driven guitar riff that interweaves with a Japanese koto, giving the song a distinctly oriental feel. It features heavily down-tuned guitars, a brutal breakdown, ambient synth elements, an intricate guitar solo and a strong melody.

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Mixed and Mastered by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios


1 Downpour
2 Bound
3 Better Unseen
4 Killed A Man
5 Hollow
6 Origin

Preorder your copy of the digital album at Bandcamp here.

Downpour is out now!

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