J.B.O. Releases Neil Young Cover, “Rockin’ in the Free World”

J.B.O.For over 30 years, J.B.O. are specialists for vociferous escapism at the highest stage. Gold albums, frenetically acclaimed live appearances and top ten chart positions pave their way. Their latest album, Planet Pink (released in 2022 on AFM Records), made no exception. J.B.O. guarantees fun, hands down, wherever J.B.O. appears, it turns into a huge party. But as vocalist & guitarist, Hannes, now comments:
“There are things, that even we at J.B.O. do not find amusing. With what is currently happening in the world, we want to play something serious because we don’t want to ignore all of the suffering without saying a word. Since this song is live frenetically acclaimed by our fans, we are now releasing it just like that: raw and live and without any connection to an album release, recorded at Wacken Open Air 2023. Keep on rocking in the Free World!”

Watch their  official video here: