Japanese metalcore veterans Sailing Before The Wind release new single “Neo Chronicle”

Sailing Before The Wind

After riling up the public with their energetic live shows and active social media presence, Japanese metalcore veterans Sailing Before the Wind are back this month with the release of their new single ‘Neo Chronicle‘, featuring Jei Doublerice of Despite Exile.

Bass player, composer and longest member of Sailing Before the Wind Bitoku Sakamoto has teased fans with a statement about what fans can expect from the new single.

“My roots are in melodic hard rock, it’s a style we have touched on past releases. This time I tried to present that more clearly because it’s natural for me,” Sakamoto states. When it came to picking a feature, Sakamoto did not “want to lose the heaviness of metalcore” which is how Jei Doublerice came to mind. We’ve performed together in Japan back in 2019 and I’m glad we could collaborate this time.”

‘Neo Chronicle’, which was mixed and mastered by Innersound Audio (known for work with InVisions and Glamour of the Kill) is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other online streaming platforms. It is also accompanied by a lyric video created by GHD, check it out below.

The Tokyo based metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind formed in 2011. The band had numerous line-up changes over the years, currently the band consists of four members, bassist Bitoku with three recruited members. The band made their presence known continuously with seven EP’s and various singles, which includes guest appearances from The Unguided, A Scent Like Wolves, Sienna Skies and more.

Sailing Before The Wind songs frequently feature highly melodic twin guitar leads, metal riffs, and breakdowns, with a variety of influences from many metal sub genres. The band is also noted for their aggressive live performance and synchronized stage presence.