Just In Time For Christmas, TISM Releases The “C” Word!

On Friday 15 December at 12.01am TISM will release their brand new ep The “C” Word, which will be available on streaming services, CD and 12” vinyl. With caterwauling commentary and a cracking chorus, The “C” Word takes us up crap creek in the colloquial canoe.

TISM recently announced forthcoming live shows. Sign up HERE for earliest news on East Coast dates.

Like all Australian music performers except for Midnight Oil, TISM has an acute political and economic awareness. On a lighter note, TISM pick our “best of” list for 2023:

Best TV Drama about Dentistry: The Crown.

Best Baptismal Font: Times-New Roman

Best Song with Two Uses of the “C” Word in the One Title: oh my god, did we win this one!? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. We’d like to thank all the women in our lives, if we had any, for their support. Oh golly. Before we go, we’d just like to say, remember the environment everyone, and save the ouzo layer.TISM Artwork

Check out TISM collections here: https://www.viciousthreads.shop/collections/tism