KAOSPHERE Releases “War Cry” And New Album “In Scars We Trust” Coming Out On May 3

KAOSPHEREAfter finally releasing their long awaited new single, Chain Breaker in December last year, Gold Coast metal titans Kaosphere believe there has been sufficient recovery time, to release their next slab of brutality, War Cry.

Charging out of your speakers from the get go, War Cry is a tribute to indigenous warriors through to modern soldiers. The power of the primal spirit of war, with all its terrible consequences. Bubbling up from the violent subconscious depths of humanity – fear, courage, social responsibility…all the many facets of man in wartime.

Chain Breaker and War Cry have set the scene for the bands forthcoming album
In Scars We Trust, due for release on May 3 via XMusic.

Watch their video here:

Kaosphere - in scars we trust