Keyan Houshmand announces ‘Gradient’ EP, releases ‘Black’ Single

Keyan Houshmand

Keyan Houshmand is a modern guitarist based in Adelaide, Australia who has made a name for himself in the metal guitar community with his in-depth YouTube videos and quick-fire Instagram videos. Ranging from brain stuttering riffs, to emotional solos and vocal-like lead work, Keyan has exercised his musical assets to like-minded viewers across the world!

It’s now time to put all that theory and experience and knowledge into practice, with the launch of Keyan’s debut EP ‘Gradient‘, featuring a focused collection of the heavy riffs, intricate lead work and thematical song writing that he is known for.

Keyan is bringing all of his guitar chops and experience to the world with his first collection of music. He announces that his EP ‘Gradient’ will be released into the world on Friday February 25th (PRE-ORDER), with single ‘Black‘ being released this Friday, January 21st as a taste of what is to come.

He will launch the Gradient EP live on Friday March 18th at Adelaide’s Lion Arts Factory.

Keyan says of the EP that “Gradient serves as a sonic vessel to promote the idea that “nothing is black or white, and that everything is grey. This notion is exercised through the track listing of Black, White and Grey, as well as a recurring melody/motif that plays in every song, despite their major differences in soundscape.”

The EP is preceded by the release of the first single ‘Black’ – which Keyan says “…finally delivers on the years of alluding to original releases through my social platforms. ‘Black’ is meant to encapsulate everything I have learnt, enjoyed and written over the years in the form of a complete, dark, heavy song. Everything I’ve ever loved about music and heavy guitar has been a direct influence and implemented into this song. Within the context of ‘Gradient’, Black serves as a sonic introduction for the idea that “nothing is ever black or white, everything is gray”, signifying the direct correlation between all fortunes and misfortunes in life.” ‘Black’ can be pre-saved now at

Handed a guitar at the age of 5 on his birthday, Keyan hasn’t had the urge to put it down since. In those 16 years he would go on to performing for family in the living room, to playing for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, through the power of the internet in his bedroom.

His cool, calm, collected and often educational approach towards his content has earned him over 3,000,000 views, and ~160,000 watch hours on YouTube. Producing content for the modern guitarist, his main goal is to show how easy it is for to create heavy music from the comfort of a bedroom.

Keyan Houshmand’s first single ‘Black’ will be released on Friday February 21 and can be pre-saved at and the EP ‘Gradient’ will see its release on Friday February 25th to the world on all digital stores and streaming platforms. It can be accessed at


Keyan Houshmand - Gradient