Killrazer – The Burial Begins (Album Review)

Killrazer is a thrash/death metal band from Sydney, Australia.  They have been active since 2005 and have a previously released EP and single in 2008 and 2014 respectively.

This brings us to their latest release “The Burial Begins” due for release on November 12th, 2021.

They say good things take time and this is certainly the case for this band.  The album begins with “Stations of the Cross” which is a melodic string intro, that builds up to prepare you for “Salt in the Wounds”.   This track has everything, blast beats, insane riffs, and nasty vocals, the soloing is insane!  A great start!

The next track is “Suicide Command”, this track is surprising with unexpected nuances all the way through.  It gave me that recognizable old-school death metal vibe.  “The Legions” is a furious track, it has an urgency and such bone-rattling heavy riffs and drums – impossible to sit still and listen to this one!

The start of “Sunken” is epic, the track has a more melodic atmosphere, yet Killrazer has managed to maintain the heaviness of previous tracks while combining the melodies within the song.  This is one of my top picks.  There’s some beautiful guitar work in it and it definitely shows what a tight unit this band is and why they have such a large following.  “Seven Years” is another track in a similar vein, slightly more melodic and less frantic in tempo.  It has what I describe as mobility.  And again killer guitar work.   In comparison “Unleash Hell’ is exactly what the title suggests!  It hits you smack in the face with its brutal intensity and face-melting riffs and solos.

“Silence your Insolence”  is an unrelenting attack of thrash and death and the vocals rip right through your core.  Hectic solos and riffs, all of this mixed together is exactly the right formula …. and then, of course, there’s still a treat in store as “Burn in Hell” begins.  Having seen Doug play with Tim “Ripper” Owens on the NZ tour, I was very excited to see this addition to the album.  The vocal delivery from Tim is menacing (with some very cool backing vocals complimenting), the band plays the song with precision and it all comes together seamlessly.   It’s such a great song, and Killrazer did it absolutely justice.  “The Burial Begins” is the closer for this album, it has an unmistakable groove, and again the vocals are formidable.  There are twists and turns within the song which makes you stop and wonder what is coming next, and then the blistering solo appears…  just ridiculous in a very very good way!

Overall a fantastic album with meticulous musicianship and delivers exactly what it promises, a full-on assault of brutal thrash/death metal.

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Release Year: 2021
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery