KOBRAKAI: Unveil Music Video For New Single ‘Planets’

Gold Coast Kings of Rock, Kobrakai are BACK with a track that hits hard. Full of heavy riffs and deep, emotive lyrics, Planets has a sound so huge it’s set to reach the stars themselves. 

Today, they officially release not only the hard hitting new single, but also take their listeners on a stunning visual journey through space with their new music video. The video was created by an artist who goes by the name of Palabara who has worked on special effects for the most recent Star Trek films. A perfect fit for the track and for the guys who are all self confessed Sci-Fi nutters. 

The song itself was born from some killer riffs and a rough song structure that had been kicking around their jam room floor for many moons before it was moulded into what you hear today. Planets was recorded and engineered by Nik Carpenter from Core Studios and mastered by Paul Blakey from 12th Vine and Post.

A blend of gravelly grunge like vocals mixed with some spoken word delivered from frontman & guitarist, Cloudy and bassist & lyricist, Fuzz. This is the first Kobrakai track to ever feature a spoken word element which only adds to the depth and seriousness of the lyrics and music. 

Fuzz gives some insight into the meaning behind the song: 

“Imagine having a chance to reset the course – to learn from the past in an attempt to avoid the repeat of history. 
Imagine being able to achieve this on a planetary scale – a collective desire to start again. 

A hive mind. 
Defy any limitations. 
Maybe even crash land on Mars…”. 

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