Konquest – Time And Tyranny (Album Review)

Release Date: October 14th 2022 - No Remorse Records

KONQUEST - Time And Tyranny

Konquest is a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2019 by multi-instrumentalist Alex Rossi, releasing their debut album ‘The Night Goes On’ in 2021, and their sophomore album ‘Time And Tyranny’ just a year later in 2022. Konquest is a one-man venture, with Rossi writing all the songs, playing every instrument, and handling vocal duties too.

Heavily influenced by the classic old school sound of the iconic NWOBHM, Konquest return for their second outing with eight brand new and highly head bang-able songs – the two-minute instrumental ‘Relativity’ creates an anticipation fuelled atmosphere as it builds to a barnstorming crescendo, leading straight into the majestic title song ‘Time And Tyranny’ – with a change of pace and tone, and an intro full of mellowness…which the band swap for “foot on the monitor” styled traditional heavy metal. And an infectious level that shoots right up and off the charts! Konquest launched their new album with an explosive and immediate opening one-two.

Turning the pace up a few notches, ‘Something In The Dark’ is a much faster gallop of old school metal, one hundred per cent head bang-able and right up the street of traditionalists everywhere. The oomph and energy is electric, ‘Something In The Dark’ banging the heads of headbangers very hard indeed! The mellowness of earlier returns with the beginning of ‘The Light That Fades Again’ – very atmospheric and “soft rock” sounding, with an AOR, balladry, and hymn-like nature rising high in the air. Not the kinda blend I was expecting, but hard rock fans are gonna be attracted by it, and may also like the other songs on offer.
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And, by the way, ‘Something In The Dark’ does pick up pace halfway, planting one foot back in heavy metal territory. Mid-tempo metal swagger takes over the album in the shape of ‘A Place I Call Home’ – with a touch of the anthemic style too. Regal sounding and featuring a rhythm you can march to, ‘A Place I Call Home’ is a heavy-hitting foot stomp.

At just thirty-six minutes in length, ‘Time And Tyranny’ (the album) aren’t that long with regards to modern-day standards, but the energy, oomph and feel of old-school heavy metal sure make up for it. The band storming on with the absolute corker ‘The Traveller’ – featuring more anthemic vibes than an entire Manowar album! Fists will be raised high for this one, Konquest delivering a rabble-rousing romp to delight every traditional metaller everywhere. ‘Enter The Warrior’ is a one-minute effects-laden prelude to the album’s final song, the eight minutes plus ‘Warrior From A Future World’ – and an epic, anthemic feel of the most infectious kind. We all know legends Iron Maiden are famous for their stunning long song endings to many of their albums – with Konquest trying their best to emulate the British icons. And to be fair, the band succeed! ‘Warrior From A Future World’ provides listeners with the best opportunity to sing a long and become a real part of ‘Time And Tyranny’ (the album).

Overall, traditional heavy metal, highly infectious and head bang-able, ‘Time And Tyranny’ is a good solid album.


Time And Tyranny
Something In The Dark
The Light That Fades Again
A Place I Call Home
The Traveller
Enter The Warrior
Warrior From A Future World

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Release Year: 2022
Label: No Remorse Records
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.