KRILLOAN – Emperor Rising (Album Review)

Release Date: December 09th 2022 - Scarlet Records

KRILLOAN - Emperor Rising

Krilloan is a melodic power metal band from Sweden formed in 2020 by Klas Holmgren, the self-proclaimed “disciple of metal”. Inspired by bands such as Blind Guardian, Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Iron Savior, Klas and his band Krilloan, released their debut E.P. ‘Stories Of Times Forgotten’ in 2021. Full of pace and power, the E.P. was a breathtaking barrage of epic power metal, setting the world alight! And now, just two years later (in 2022), Krilloan are back to fan the flames with their debut long player, ‘Emperor Rising’

…featuring nine red hot scorching songs over a turbo-charged thirty-six minutes! And right from off, the band are in full flight, with opener ‘Prince Of Caledor’, a blistering rampage of all-out power metal. The pace is incredible – putting such speedsters as DragonForce and Cellador to shame! Krilloan means business, with ‘Prince Of Caledor’ setting out the band’s ambitions to batter listeners with fast and furious yet melodic metal that is both head bang-able and highly infectious. And if you thought that was fast – check out ‘Sons Of The Lion’! Harder, heavier, and more meaty – what an incredible opening brace from the Swedish metallers. To say I was blown away by the band’s debut E.P. of two years ago would be the understatement of the year! ‘Emperor Rising’ (the album) is twice as long – and twice as ferocious. Although ‘Fireborn’ adopts a more mid-tempo feel, there are gear changes aplenty – definitely too many to count! The band is boarding the power metal roller coaster, twisting this way and that, delivering surprises at every turn!

At just over one minute in length, ‘Return To Melnibone’ is an effects-laden and tension fuelled intro, leading straight into the title song ‘Emperor Rising’ – the fastest song heard so far! And with so much energy and oomph, every single metalhead everywhere will struggle to keep pace with this one. The bands excelled at speedy power metal.

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Not allowing listeners a single moment to take a breath. Absolutely amazing! Adopting a majestic march with an epic edge, ‘Break Of Dawn (Brothers In Arms)’ crashes the party in an anthemic mood, boldly striding on with its head high. Dropping the scorching pace for a moment, Krilloan show the world they’re not just speed merchants and can deliver other styles of power metal too – ‘Break Of Dawn (Brothers In Arms)’ a standout song for many, many reasons. And placing it right in the middle of the album, too – pure genius!

And as quick as the pace dissipated, it’s back – and more ferocious than ever!

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‘Into The Storm’ is a blazing barrage of boisterous metal that’ll test the neck muscles of the most hardened of the world’s headbangers. The band firing on all cylinders, effortlessly accelerating to Mach 10 speed…and for all you wannabee scientists out there, Mach 10 speed is over 10,000 km/h (or nearly 6,500 mph). That’d sure shorten my daily commute to work! Heavying things up, the band hustle with ‘Stormlight’ – a bustling barrage of heavy come power metal to please the world’s headbangers. I’m saying you your neck muscles are going to be at breaking point by the end of the album – ‘Emperor Rising’ (the album) brought to a close with the all-out headbanger ‘Angel’s Sacrifice’. Loaded with pace, power and intent, ‘Angel’s Sacrifice’ is infectious and catchy – and a fabulous way to end your debut album.

Overall, a barnstorming barrage of red-hot and infectious power metal from Sweden’s rising sensation Krilloan.


Prince Of Caledor
Sons Of The Lion
Return To Melnibone
Emperor Rising
Break Of Dawn (Brothers In Arms)
Into The Storm
Angel’s Sacrifice

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Scarlet Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.