Laced in Lust – First Bite (Album Review)

Laced in Lust

I didn’t have much energy so I connected some jumper cables to the album and myself and I jolted myself back to life! Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia the 4-piece Laced in Lust debut album comes to life as “First Bite” distributed through Rockshot Records (Italy).

Torsten Steel (vocals and rhythm guitar), Russel Boyd (drums), Oopie (Bass and backing vocals), and Nick Robinson (Lead guitar and vocals) make up this outfit often described as the ‘sleazy Status Quo’. Long-haired and glammed up with a brimming with rock bravado in a sensible fashion. Their sound and appearance could tie you in with the streets of the LA back in the day when outrageous long hair and spandex were the order of the day but their sound has elements within derived from an era before that with the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Chuck Berry, and Status Quo representing alongside modern-day AC/DC.

The retro purple colour of the album works well to connect their music to a time gone by when everyone walked around in cowboy boots and inappropriately tight-fitting Lumo clothing that likely had an animal print on them. A snake wielding massive fangs wrapped around a heart helps to convey that these guys embody a dangerous and should not be expected to be doing the dishes on a Friday night kinda thing. This is their debut album so we get the first taste of their bite.

The opening track ‘Save me’ starts off with some energy and fuel but does carry a large amount of sensibility in the lyrics. As the album progresses they get a bit looser delving into sexual exploits and their feelings. We have two acoustic songs, one of which finishes the album with a sombre tale of loneliness and being helpless but with each new dawn perhaps there is a new day where perhaps something could change but never does. Seems strange at the end of an album to proclaim such loneliness when the life of a lone party animal is being celebrated.

The band plays well as a cohesive unit with the parts fitting in well letting the dominant instruments contribute to the sound. With live performances, you’d hope that the bass would have the ability to shine through. Flanked by punchy guitar riffs Torsten’ struts his voice to the world. The vocals are unique and work better for some songs than others. ‘Hot Tonight’ you might consider them to work towards or against the song with them reaching peaks or troughing depending on how you perceive the song.

There is a fair bit of choice of songs on the album. You have epic songs with chorus-like ‘whoa’-ing to sultry tones on the acoustics. ‘Firing Line’ comes on to the scene with warning sirens and the possibility of a song that would enter some dark territory after cleverly slowly down the pace initially. But the song continues to slow down in a way that could be refreshing but probably dips too far. ‘Your name’ is the 4th track and starts us off with our first taste of an acoustic sound reminiscent of late 60’s rock bands. Tracks like ‘Hot Tonight’, ‘Save me’, and ‘Black Heart Murder’ have that DGAF attitude that lets you punch the air. ‘I remember when I was young I found to be quite similar to bands of old and possibly had to the familiar rhythm while ‘Rock you’ was a highlight with their talent shining through the most.

Feel like a good Aussie-rock feels band that makes you want to rock out spilling your VB all over your friends in the crowd then this album might work for you.

  1. Save me
  2. Hot Tonight
  3. Hard in this Town
  4. Your Name
  5. Firing Lines
  6. Party’s Over
  7. On Parole
  8. I remember when I was young
  9. Fire
  10. Rock you
  11. Lip service
  12. Black Heart Murder
  13. I’m alone
  14. Sunrise

Release Year: 2021
Label: Rockshots Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Byron Lotz

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